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Department of Education and Training Australia

Department of Education and Training Australia is helpful, but their empty phrases are completely absent to act upon -  Even some of the advice provided is illogical and I do not want to follow it up because of my objective & moral stance what they suggest will lead onto presumptuous arguments with the wrong government agencies who arent actually responsible for the racial demands or even the patience I am required to have in order to delay with this fact. They deal with obscure countries better than they deal with New Zealanders. I don't seem to understand why certain countries are exempt from the institutionalized racism. It is difficult to get hold of the correct departments from this agency.

I feel someone needs to point my complaints to the correct department and it should be answered reasonably and morally. As this is a federal agency in Australia it should not be a problem regarding New Zealand. One becomes somewhat confused who they are dealing with going up this line. I have noticed a familiar CEO in the public reports thus it is clear they work with multiple people I have already dealt with, but I am not able to get acknowledgement to the racial policies for which I am subject to due to the predisposition of my economic status and prejudices they hold in this regard under a false pretext or the predisposition of my country of birth.

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