Australian Qualifications Framework Council

Although they seem dumbfounded by my correlation the PDF from the NZQA clearly states, "NZQA and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, through the former Australian Qualifications Framework Council (AQFC) agreed in October 2013 to commence referencing of the AQF and NZQF".

They do not take accountability for the discriminatory rankings, which are in fact not objectively compatible and require a great deal of implied concepts to begin with, this limits my access to education based on where I study regionally.They want to flip off the issues in the schools - I have to say schools cannot compensate for systemic inequalities and I've seen that most of the schools which were doing this are either being shut down or heavily restricted, so in a fair society where we are all treated equally the methodologies which determine academic merit must not be discriminatory. To claim something is equitable means we are all treated fairly but their methodologies are actually discerning people by social class & economics. People do not have mobility to decide where they attain education, so it is not right. Thus, I am dissatisfied that they have created a system that deliberately rates me lower due to to the number of credits and curriculum in my school.

Hence I believe that Australian Citizens who happen to study in New Zealand deserve much better, if the council is to agree upon the prejudicial compatibility of the two qualifications.


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