Australian Consulate-General Auckland New Zealand

They requested documents in online application. I have uploaded a 1195 form which is only partially completed, with the identification questions being incomplete, which has been signed by a JP with the discretion because nobody actually wants to sign something that clearly states a criteria, so no justice of peace is going to go against logic. I was requested by home affairs to produce the cover letter for the consulate, and have that signed by the JP due to the circumstances. They must improve phone manner, and communication which was also submitted to them for their discretion. Indeed, they are very time wasting & and continue to flip me off. Their claims are very expensive because toll calls outside the country are costly especially when I am met with more contradictions from this consulate. I have provided the Evidence that one of my parents was an Australian citizen at the time of my birth, this is written on my birth certificate but they again deny this. Prior to making my applications I ensured all the applicable laws and criteria were met.

I have completed the discretionary request from home-affairs for which I was referred by the migration manager sunilla, and I have produced a formal cover letter, so I do not understand the angst. This is a process for which I have followed, which I have paid a lot of money for, so I expect it to be respected as opposed to denying the reality & truthful statements.

I will repeat that despite the migration managers contradicting demands it is not possible to force people to do things as each entity has their own agency. A partially completed disclosure which has been signed by a JP is all that can be reasonably achieved by a New Zealand JP and I have already invested too much to attempt to get these documents fulfilled. I also must ensure that the entities who fulfill legal requirements on my behalf have integrity the situation is I am not going to ask individuals who break the law to be my referee for obvious reasons, so I would hope that they exercise appropriate discretion. It is better that I use reason & logic as opposed to meeting a criteria which is not only met with refusals but puts peoples jobs on the line. 


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