Tamaki College

I lost any belief in “implied-privacy”. According to the legal text books it exists in civil disputes & hate speech, but I have not seen any recent cases because New Zealand has a transparency policy unlike most of the common wealth.

People in the school need the right of privacy because it suits the Tamaki College agenda I don’t think any school would continue using a product which invades privacy if it actively reduced education outcomes, but that is the case I can even name names because sharing work is so prolific the individual work I saw wasn’t even a copy the English teacher himself took it into his hands to share my documents. We should not prejudice individuals, but acknowledge the wide scale of this behavior, if there is not interest in maintaining privacy amongst anyone then why not make the corruption transparent.

The nature of many students sharing ,discussing academic papers on google drive even making a copy of a document is easy to evade their checking, but I don’t think was even the case because I saw several names listed on many documents. Thus, teachers are gaining thousands in public funds illegally, and the reason I am against this is because when someone cheats they take away the opportunity from people who work hard, and with grade inflation basically the universities suffer I don’t think their quotas necessarily increase either so they are just stealing from hard working people.

Schools should know I was there I studied in the classes and I heard of cheating in other class's history for example, with systems like Hapara which eaves drop it is not very hard to confirm my claims. I had only used forgery because it was admissible evidence as I have the book. Because privacy is not in the bill of rights I do not know why the schools only focus is on me when they claim they only care for academics, if this was the case they could be chasing up these claims and returning integrity to the school not continuing this conduct for personal gains.

As the school is aware and I am one hundred percent certain as undoubtedly the teachers, lay witness to this behavior, it should not be a problem removing dis-integrity issues. It is easy to say such things are lies, but it is a completely different scenario when I am there in person and there were other students there, so to say such things is like a defamation.


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