Tamaki College Admission Scandal

In Tamaki college the wealthy people who are not academically gifted are getting the opportunities intended to help lower socioecconomic people - One of the unique Tamaki College standards was about feudalism and the chiefs of Tonga as well as genealogy.

If you look in the videos and look at the reference material it is the teachers & some of the students that we are reading about.

The point is with equity, Tamaki College should not be cheating for some students, and teachers. So whereas Tamaki College should be a meritocracy it is just an illegal method of succeeding people they like to make thousands of dollars, this view I have taken from videos by previous vice principal David hodge and bragging of present teachers, so it would substantiate that viewpoint.

Additionally the trips may be advantageous to some who are privileged, but we need the teachers to stay on the school grounds and earn their wage by teaching the syllabus not talking to students when the school is being paid to deliver me a service, a curriculum not a forgery. Now time is very is very precious & correct procedures must be followed thus I feel it is not right for the vice principal to send 4 out of 4 teachers & at-least 80% of the year group and replace my teachers with a teacher aid.


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