NZQA Part 5

In regards to Inequality I will address the core issues mentioned in the following interview conducted by RNZ whereby the principal stated, "Also for some of our families your social status is immediately elevated if you can say, 'My child doesn't go to Tamaki College", This quote was mentioned in an article titled  "Fears drive students from Decile 1 college to richer schools".

Lower Achieving Student From High Decile School 5 Classes Only Internals 

AS91206 Internal, AS91029 Internal, AS91030 Internal, AS91032 Internal, AS91035 Internal,

Higher Achieving Student From High Decile School 5 Classes & Externals

AS91026 Internal, AS91027 External, AS91028 External, AS91029 Internal, AS91033 External, AS91032 Internal, AS91037 External,

Tamaki College - a School Which Practices Cronyism Has Only 4 Crammed Subjects Not 5 as With the High Socioeconomic Under-funded Schools. 

AS26623 1 in Use Number to Solve Problems, AS91026 1 in Apply Numeric Reasoning in Solving Problems, AS91029 1 in Apply Linear Algebra in Solving Problems, AS91032 1 in Apply Right-angled Triangles in Solving Measurement Problems, AS91035 1 in Investigate a Given Multivariate Data Set Using the Statistical Enquiry Cycle, AS91036 1 in Investigate Bivariate Numerical Data Using the Statistical Enquiry Cycle, AS91038 1 in Investigate a Situation Involving Elements of Chance,


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