NZQA Part 4

When will we fix the issues of racism and discrimination not today, next week, next year?? Like a man who have lost his legs, lost his arms, when will he act with the gift of life that has been blessed upon him. I find it is hard searching the word to describe such events, every concept in the book has been exhausted but the reality has never changed. Every spark is capable of starting a fire, but all has been in vain due to the forgery, So long as we have a compulsory education sector, which takes so many years and so much time, then the government must put an end to forgery and discrimination it causes grade inflation and benefits absolutely nobody.

Due to the prejudice I cannot say NZQA is sound. We do have a word in the ‘Christian’ religious faith to describe what I witness at Tamaki college where NZQA introduced its new system, and what I view this behavior as is self-righteous.

Indeed many cultural beliefs are indoctrinated in the old testament according to the Tongan scholars not the new covenant so that is a different kind of Christianity for which our goals are very different one is salvation & reason the other is something else, but still I believe that government should not prejudice religion, which is a human right drafted by one of my inspirations Eleanor Roosevelt at time when the duality of life was understood.

Life is not black and white this thinking cannot benefit anyone. Despite the finding of Tomorrows Schools Task Force I do not see anyone willing to accept the fault of inequality. Racism is against the laws of New Zealand, but lack of resources seem to take precedents.

Whereas individuals cannot resist - the principals appear to be free to discriminate people on the color of their skin. Many of these teachers seem to think they are doing justice one of my intermediate teachers seem to think arrange child marriage, wealth and pride is a good thing which is an illegal thing still occurring in the north of India to this day – but everyone seems to deny such things occur - the schools are advocating their own political views bringing in advocacy groups to say living wage is good for people whose average wage falls in line with the benefit - thus how can I write my tests common sense states that it would only lead to less jobs. These personal values are the barrier to progression and the cause of continuous subjugation of school students.

All these false beliefs are just a refinements of racism. And in countries like America where they ban books NZQA does the opposite and creates and endorses racism in their standards and admissions processes & I would know because I read many of the reports they provide to schools.

I am also reading many reports that they fit easy subjects to students of color just to get them through the door. The faithful use reason they do not employ or act according to their own will.


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