NZQA Part 3

I feel the NZQA must participate in Integrity and merit of academic scholarship. Only when the curriculum is correct can it lead teachers and students to knowledge like a lamp in the dark. I consider life to be a vessel of all knowledge, engaged in a suffering for liberty. If we have eyes we should see, if we have ears we must hear. Is this not right??

What would be education if we have people who cover the waters of lies, cover the sun and its truth? It would be nothing lacking in life. And whatever anguish is in the life we must speak to make aware the whole truth, so that individuals may make amends is this not social justice.

If we are all equal, then my testimony would not be corruption. In today's ever changing world, there are many different words that are discerning from the concept that all men are made equal, many discerning concepts that render will power to act appropriately futile. And how can we have a testimony to do and know what is right when the freedom is gone. When we put so much faith in a culture that we are not actually aware of the reality.

There must be more civil and human rights, so there is a social justice not a social scape goating. And with the ministry of health I am now affirmed that there is such a thing as social justice, and simply ignoring the issues for which they occur by others is the cause of all disorder going up the line for which is many. We often do forget that the human life has this unique ability to reason, and to make choices, so when that ability to reason is gone, then everyone is suffering. When you do not conform to what I view under the NZQA as some sort of a pack mentality then this leads to social marginalization. People should have dignity for not participating in what is wrong. but instead making aware what is right.


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