NZQA Part 2

This shall be a report on freedom in a way that arrives toward truths and to be fulfilled with great honesty for choosing and doing what is right. I should start by saying this crown entity should not deceive itself to deceive others. NZQA drives a curriculum in a manner that reinforces forgery, inhibits development, lacks in academic skills and academic integrity. Likewise they have not demonstrated their own professionalism till date. We must incorporate love and reconciliation – just general hospitality and efficiency when dealing with clients. I really needed to look at the NCEA results today without arguments without any disturbances to my actual request; but it has been taking too long for the QRS department to provide a transcript for comparison. Even comments with regard to transferring the qualification overseas the demand to transfer qualifications without integrity is yet to be presented such grades might be merit and excellence, but the quality is terrible one would be better off calling the directors and using personality. They are presented with evidence and it is as if the staff is partly blind & unwilling to reconcile or provide settlement for the train-wreckage they created, so they have shown themselves complicit in such corruption.There a need to develop the curriculum for learning outcomes as well as the execution of teaching policies. To prohibit teachers who do not conduct themselves well or are without relevant experience, and to drive the professional development. While maintaining the NCEA in order to also maintain the Integrity of the teaching staff.


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