NZQA Part 1

I shall review the same core issues of NZQA in a different nature of liberty & freedom. It is my testament, and may it not be disrespectful to those ladies and gentlemen participating in the unethical behavior. As I do hold a vision and opinion of a different nature, and I shall express such sentiments without reserve openness should be given. May our eyes be witness - and not be witness to the lies. And to free man from the illusions of false hope, and find innovations within ourselves.

My Math teacher once said she does not want us to have a destiny. I wonder who is in charge for our destinies? The meek, the strong, and the spirited. 

To extenuate the issues of destiny, it is vital that we have quality teachers and quality material to instill good character. To succeed you must first find a teacher. Good teachers are required to maintain quality of learning for students in the context of Tamaki College.


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