New Zealand Teacher Shortage

What the FCB is short of is acknowledging the educational disparity caused by these dogmas. Reports from such organisations look good on paper, but fall short of the real problems of society, it is the stereotypes underpinned by a more serious racial issue. My view is the FCB is trying to get the reports to match their agenda in order to get more educators in New Zealand as opposed to more valid studies. More focus needs to be placed upon abilities to teach our students.

Similar to my school surveys theyve placed a focus upon preferred teachers. Personally, I view the imbalance in New zealand arising out of these dogmas. Such dogmatic viewpoints do not concur with the reality. What I can see is they have appointed to improve perceptions of teachers without adequate training themselves.

It appears FCB is investigating the teachers mentalities, this is confounding as my school had continued to send me similar surveys, which I feel serves an agenda. It appears they are trying to figure out why kids are not becoming teachers for the ministry of education. They are investigating how parents feel about their students becoming teachers. They are measuring the self esteem of students under these educators. They are trying to get as many teachers as possible people who are not currently fit to work in addition to qualifying students to teach. Something doesn't seem right - Then there is all this research into europeanism and their inclinations.

The main issue is fcb drawn presumptions to satisfy their very own inclinations on behalf of the ministry of education. They encourage false media I do not like to read the news from New Zealand because they create news without doing the action. As a result the FCB working with the Ministry of education spreads misleading material.

There is a unique case of racism & inequality in new Zealand because it is born out of teacher shortages and lack of acknowledgement to the truth. I have found false perceptions are true perceptions, but they are caused by teacher shortages.

The media whose incentive is money wants to advocate bias perceptions but the causation for those perception are innately true. Just my experience with high socio-ecconomic and rural schools does not reflect the media. The government owns and works with many news stations to put out this perspective, but teachers in these schools don't even agree with these views.

What I have seen is higher quality math , music orchestras , dancing classes, tennis courts , basketball courts , fields , education departments are far more advanced , classes are not crowded and catered to hardworking students, teachers are not trained for 8 weeks or holding views which are unethical, these false perceptions make us ignore the fear of reality to think we are doing something positive.


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