Fight against Corruption & New Zealand Ministry of Education

There is a need for Improved management of the procedures. They should be doing thorough investigation, it is not right to have vice principal, and the principal denying what is valid & honest to the education council for so many years I believe it is coming on six years, and the same teachers are employed. Tools cannot be beneficial to improve till the unlawful consequences are dealt with. Ministry of education has had long enough to look at the offense and then look to the schools, recruitment, the implication of high incentives, and appointment of teachers, as well as the impact to students admitted to universities. On the same note many times I have read and heard the subject of false perceptions on state owned and funded media but we cannot call sensory perceptions i.e, "taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing, as false perceptions otherwise there will be no reality, so we must take the reality of the situations for what it is. When you want to study medicine, science, and gain knowledge in certain standards with integrity such ideas must be prevented it hampers access going up the line. In the same manner arbitrating justified evidence and creating long undue process allows for corruption. There is likewise a need to follow the law for the sake integrity and accountability in public sector schools. Ministry of education doesn't conduct a due process when you raise forgery even when there is a form of evidence and statutes which fall into the jurisdiction of both conduct and criminal law. The forgery & fake qualification thus formed in the process is deemed equity by their teachers which I refuse to acknowledge as a form of equity as it is damaging access to a normal education and discouraging learning. There has to be specific standards, procedures set forth by this government agency for management and regulation. They also lack access to information as their public schools broadly state they have a strong relationship with the ministry and list many partners, but it seems when trying to understand these partnerships the ministry simply denies having information or knowledge of business relationship with them & their private entities, so it seems to be that there is nobody monitoring this system for corruption.


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