Electric Lamp

Law is legalistic and not necessarily from posterity, everything is mixed, but not combined, One is like the filament in the electric lamp - for all men are their discoveries, but their discoveries were already there, and only complement the light - the light still shines in modern times. Now, loving is considered unimportant, not crucial to achieving the goal, and in a first world nation, poverty is all relative. But all will return to nothing one way or another, but the living can't tell where the road leads.

All things are cultural even words are attached to cultural events, so in the event that you ace a language then you can find easier to ace similar languages. Going from English to Dutch to German is much easier because there is cultural similarities. In fact, the language is influenced by the french, so one could go in the other direction. However, it is not any easier from say Malaysian to Tongan or Estonian to Finnish, Arabic to Hebrew, while similarities exist in every country there is not much mutual intelligibility due to thousands of years of cultural changes i.e Swedish and Austrian may be similar linguistically, but Sweden is Protestant whereas Austria is Catholic. Therefore all things stem from something, and one should not pause in the coming of greater things. It ought not to be right to live with only fifty percent in the certainty, in the culture, it ought to be one hundred percent based on observation alone. Despite this not all the people who are skilled can work because the limitation within the environment, but when people want to change and they have trust or certainty in a specific culture then change is possible because it was destined from the start. As far as I can tell people want to preserve their tradition and understanding of the world from all outside impacts and threats. So in respect of the condition that their life stays conventional based on all that is gotten beforehand their life does not progress. For better or worse the Life It is like a trust and you go towards the people who you trust.

It is a bit of a comedic conservative view that to run for presidency you must be a decent man with good intentions who is astute and articulate but obviously times are changing one must make the right choice. What's more, it is significant that one does not forestall people in their harmony and therefore the people decide what they want. As an individual one exists at the start, and they have begun - begun they who will not know anything about class hierarchies, or the entirety that will become their life. Yet more important it is to look for the people that have experience in the heart as oppose to all these opinions. What's more, they who are capable to get cash from the work are capable to to get cash comparable to where they come from. A lot of people can migrate, but that is not the full picture. A lot of people can be taught dogmatically, but that is not the full picture. The economy might be better, but still one will be relative to whatever exists in the new location. As such it is right that the work is the same, thus the education is more significant not the degrees, diplomas, and certificates, but the concept of education.

Significant is the cash for everything, money halts differences because nothing is free in life so if you pay and work toward significant things it is bound to lead to better things. Although a great many are working towards the things that are not significant and paying greatly for that, so it depends upon choice. Do so that you get the information. There are some over savvy individuals who are ambitious for the future, and their actions stem from an experience that comes from within, he who is experienced receiveth that information. Continue giving to things which fund the voyaging, like everything that you know including the joy received from there.