New Zealand Teachers Cheating for Students

New Zealand has a broad and settled education system. Its policies are both flexible and versatile. There are three tiers to the New Zealand Education system:
1.    The Early Childhood Education: For children below 5 years old.
2.    Primary & Secondary Education: For the age group, 5 to 19 years.
3.    Tertiary Education: No age limit. Requires Secondary Education.
Education is a compulsion on New Zealanders between ages 6 and 16. Moreover, it is free for children of that age group.
But all is not as rosy as it seems. New Zealand Teachers Cheating for Students has become a norm. There are cases everywhere, both caught and uncaught. It is a reason the New Zealand education system is not comparable with the best. Such acts tarnish the value of the NCEA for everyone.

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) is the main handler of the New Zealand education system. Their secondary school certification is the NCEA: National Certificate of Educational Achievement. For all the modernization in the educational field, the loopholes are all to see.
Cheating is the act of getting ahead through dishonest means. The label is not only for the unfair copying of information. One may take advantage of a situation, but cheating is never acceptable. Those who are capable are the ones who deserve to be at the top. There must be justice for those who lose out to cheats.
Cheating itself is a skillful art. A lot of cheaters get away with their wrongdoings because of their skill at it. This still does not justify cheating to get ahead. Under no circumstances is Cheating lawful!
But Cheating becomes a scandal only when the authorities allow it. It is bad enough that cheaters get away with their acts. But when someone in charge sees it and allows it, there can be nothing worse! It is unfortunate that the New Zealand educational institute teachers are guilty of this charge.
A lot of teachers allow cheats to get away with it. There are some that enable students to cheat. It is a scandal that requires immediate attention and action. Certain New Zealand Teachers Cheat for Students for personal gain. The motive can be money or a higher status.
There are other cases of educational institutes that show they are corrupt to the core. The institution heads manipulate the end-of-year results for personal purposes. They either get money for the act, or improve the outlook of their institute with better averages.
Perhaps the flaw is in the merits of high achievement. There are institutes that reward high achievers with money. It gives the students a motive to cheat. Instead of an educational prize or recognition, students cheat for money. They are willing to give money to teachers because it will eventually come back. This is still no justification for teachers to take money and favor certain students.
The New Zealand education system needs reformation. The authorities like the NZQA have to fill the loopholes in the system. It is the only way students learn to work hard, and not exploit situations. The students must have a motive to value learning more than being at the top. Once the students start learning and working hard, it will begin to show in the merit of institutes.

New Zealand Qualification Authority Racism

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQAensure the value of New Zealand qualifications. Their job is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications remain credible and up-to-standard. The Crown entity, part of the Education Act, resides over Educational Institutes. Their qualification standards have National and International recognition. Due to its position, NZQA must maintain neutral ground for all individuals.
But there are cases that suggest Racism in the New Zealand Qualification Authority. Racism is a broad term, which means favoring one faction over another. The NZQA has a binding to the New Zealand government. A racism violation within such an organization is a crime against the nation itself!
Racism does not confine to favor black or white people. The term refers to putting any group over others. It may be favoring New Zealanders over overseas people. It can even be favoritism in a single group of people. It is unfortunate that racism is a part of the world. But it only settles in if we allow it to.
The NZQA is part of governmental institutions. The government is to serve the people of its nation. As such, the government of New Zealand cannot favor group(s) of New Zealanders. It must develop a platform for all to rise without prejudice. In case the NZQA takes sides, there will develop a partition between institutes under its authority. Certain institutes will progress while others lag behind.
The NZQA resides over the quality of educational institute degrees as well. There job is to ensure the educational institutes are up to International standards. The below-par educational institutes are to follow their guidelines in order to improve.
But the NZQA is guilty of racism. The Tomorrows Schools Task Force strengthens this standpoint. Their reports suggest the NZQA favor certain institutions and people over others. Education is a compulsion on New Zealanders between the ages of 6 and 16. It is also free for schools under State rule. These State schools come under the New Zealand Qualification Authority.
The New Zealand Qualification Authority Racist behavior is for personal gain, according to Tomorrows Schools Task Force. Schools approach the NZQA with personal agenda in mind, instead of improvement in the quality of education. The NZQA fails to intervene in such cases, resulting in institutes getting away with their personal gains. This has a direct implication on academic value. The entitlement does not match what students achieve in their academic careers.
Frank Moran, a NZQA administrator, denies the accusations. His statement is that the NZQA never receives any evidence. The accusation has no base if there is no evidence to it.
But the evidence is a case of interpretation. The events in question point to some truth in the accusation. The proof is in cases of teachers favoring students for money. There are other incidents of schools manipulating results to gain a better reputation. In such cases, the NZQA does not take action against students or educational institutions.
The matter is up for discussion. It divides opinion among the masses about the standards of the New Zealand Qualification Authority. The organization must exercise fairness and equality towards all institutes it resides over. Racism has no place in the NZQA, or in society!