Monday, April 15, 2019

Tamaki College - Hereditary Social Class

There was likewise catch-up and extra measures which feed into the cheating issue misrepresenting the progression of students. Everything that non government entities get a hold of cannot be in the interest of the whole country- schools should not encourage nepotism to bring in their relatives or attract businesses this is just not how democracy is supposed to operate. If the trust conceded that there were students who could do as good if not equal in spite of race and money their initiative would be in vain & funds from business partners would be wasted. In my experience socio-ecconomics is the barrier if we are going to predict their future based on things you cannot choose.
 - It is these same views of inferiority leading to reduction in literacy & numeracy which judge people on where you live, income or race this has nothing to do with ones ability to perform- and it limits people based upon these birth factors. It is no different than the modern institutions which formed the caste system in india.


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