Monday, April 15, 2019

Tamaki College - Criminal offenses

Academia is supposed to be a taught based upon skill. It is not suppose to be based upon blood lines or institutionalized stereotypes or on demographic which prohibits social mobility. I can say for certain the procedures used in the school were partly democratic, but this type of democracy is the type used in corrupt countries whereby the procedure is followed but personal motivations are the priority. The key issues I witnessed was racism which is nationwide & global problem not only in this nation but many others. It is unfair to categorize people by demographics. Next cheating by students and teachers, and third Drug dealing these all ought to be dis-permitted in schools. Tamaki college and other low decile schools welcome this behavior openly but it is a criminal offense thus such views cannot be permitted to preserve the culture of other students.
More so I have issue with teachers giving individuals the ability to copy down the test answers, participating in cheating, or looking the other way, what this is telling me based on my knowledge is new zealand teachers are really helping individuals to cheat.


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