Pt England - New Zealand

As I lived in the zone I studied at pt England, which was a legal right and obligation as it is part of the public sector.

I later found a teacher in this school have introduced private software in Pt England & other compulsory schools including a prior intermediate and college - which I have come to view as not being democratic change to the public laws but the result of imposing individual motivations such as philanthropist who have contributed money - & the track record for tech companies offering philanthropy has not necessarily been in the interest of the beneficiaries . 

As we are forced to attend public schools, one risks reduction in education by attending pt England due to imposed & self-serving philanthropic efforts which not only breach civil rights but fundamentally change the right to a fair education in New Zealand. You simply cannot take advantage of opportunities which are not provided - Their schools impose technologies which have uncertain outcomes sometimes positive and many times negative, if there is the slightest risk of causing inequality it must be prevented. Pt England was surprisingly a very good school because their teachers are not involved in cheating and the focus is education. Sadly, their progress does not lead on to other schools - and leaders of Pt England have reached out to nearby schools and provided the software's from private entities for cheating and civil rights breaches to occur. To me personally what this school has created is somewhere in between communism, trade unions, and reverse racism all of these have been shown in other low performing OECD countries to create background based inequality, so in a like manner everyone in the schools cluster suffer equally and because New Zealand is not a communist country this is systemically unfair. To understand economics, we have to realize that it is not a science- thus the basis of academic achievement based on money are not necessarily valid.

 Hence capable students from such Pt England clusters are not having any consideration in line with high social-economic schools due to stereotypes, averages, and social constructs being applied to generalities.


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