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New Zealand Teachers cheating for students

New Zealand teachers cheating for students so with the digital move of NZQA our schools have started to introduce technology in all of their classes -- not just one but all.

The extent at which help became excessive was when I had realised the social science teacher, the biology teacher, the English teacher they will know they were providing answers not limiting revisions to protocols which I witnessed at a prior or school. With the more extreme cases of teachers cheating for students in public spaces whereby a teacher actively allowed students to cheat and I have exemplified this case - this catering case because I recall it very clearly.

I have mentioned it many times and people wish to continue denying despite students actively discussing cheating.

I recall very much just in the lobby people would discuss the cheating while the teacher was there, so she is obviously very much aware that she has allowed people to cheat.

In the Tamaki College theyre paying students money to get the merit and the excellence, so theyre just encouraging cheating behavior or competition not the actual learning.

As a student of Tamaki College Id witnessed a lot of bragging about bonuses being given to these teachers -- obviously its a long time I cannot recall all of the contracts provided.

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