Friday, April 5, 2019

New Zealand Teachers cheating for students

New Zealand teachers cheating for students so with the digital move of NZQA our schools have started to introduce technology in all of their classes YES not just one but all. And I think this has a bad impact on the quality YES thus I would advocate for the tomorrow schools task force to implement hubs YES to centralize some kind of an authority over the standards. Cheating and Drugs and whatever individual Board of Trustees believe they have the power to Authoritate is not justified. Indeed I've read many news articles whereby certain leaders of schools are saying that this is communism - this is a Stalinism - you must just look at what equity is - it is taking from the top at their expense and giving it to the lowest YES so that is in itself a communism. What we currently have is a communism, but what we have right now is we have people who do not want to get rid of marijuana they do not want to get rid of drugs they do not want to get rid of cheating. They wish to maintain and falsify the reputation so that everyone looks good but it does not reflect the reality. Now I shall carry on with the dialogue in my digital oriented college I had seen many small cases of teachers going too far with comments cases whereby my own English essays were being distributed. The extent at which help became excessive was when I had realised the social science teacher, the biology teacher, the English teacher they will know they were providing answers not limiting revisions to protocols which I witnessed at a prior or school YES. When you go to other schools ie howick college and similar schools they have a lot of protocols it may be one revision, two revision it is not five six as many as you like. With the more extreme cases of teachers cheating for students in public spaces whereby a teacher actively allowed students to cheat and I have exemplified this case - this catering case because I recall it very clearly. I have mentioned it many times and people wish to continue denying despite students actively discussing cheating. I recall very much just in the lobby people would discuss the cheating while the teacher was there, so she is obviously very much aware that she has allowed people to cheat. There were also catch up classes and additional standards which would seem to propagate the cheating problem and falsify the integrity of progress in the school. Now whenever there is students who are not catching up they provide additional assignments and those assignments happen to be in those exact classes where I witnessed this behavior, so put one and one together YES. Indeed NZQA had also dismissed an interpretation of an art teacher fulfilling the criteria herself in which NZQA claims it is not a breach of protocol, and which I feel still constitutes cheating because laying and switching art arrangements from external to internal is fulfilling the marking criteria YES so for her to do that she is getting the points herself on behalf of me. It is also unethical to lie to a student. We must realize I had done some nine boards most people they do only three boards I had done nine boards. In all my classes I'd taken this art because I had finished all their work in those classes so I just been doing Art. And even in some of those classes people think that I am I am painting over pictures they don't realize that I had actually sketched those images - art is in a general sense copying, but I had done it so many times layers and layers and layers to be as original as reasonably attainable if people believe in that conception - so she said it was merit in Mid year I believe when I had originally spoken to the Registrar who needed to have that NCEA L3 with or without UE she said okay I will mark it in the holiday break, and still unmarked missing the dealine at the end of the year she said it's a achieve. I had no sleep I had to have a break for overwork I took that achieve and took to my my live she has come and said that this is an absence it's not an absence unfortunately when she called on the telephone I was at a medical appointment YES additionally notions of money and greed are negative motivations for a fair education which should place a key focus on literacy and numeracy YES so the goal for students and teachers should be to make money go further as opposed to making money the orientation. In the Tamaki College they're paying students money to get the merit and the excellence, so they're just encouraging cheating behavior or competition not the actual learning. As a student of Tamaki College I'd witnessed a lot of bragging about bonuses being given to these teachers YES obviously it's a long time I cannot recall all of the contracts provided.I believe there is a a scheme called Stargate or something like that whereby they are providing under educated fast tracked teachers contracts and there are also large bonuses for hods according to them. I don't recall the % but I recall some teacher bragging about making maybe $50 per classroom I think it was a physical education teacher from my recollection - but money being used as incentive for grades is far too competitive, and lacks what is required for genuine change. Money if it is for all teachers in the nation I would totally accept that no doubt money is required, but money being given to people based on demographic on culture racial reasoning one must ask how is that going to affect the education - they are apples and oranges YES and that is just my view . Culture is independent of the individual for us to come and say that everyone is meeting a stereotype you cannot say that. Now because of these false instances of passing academically without any legitimacy the tertiary providers or government entities I deal with on an ongoing basis they are unable to know of the truth so it leads to impacts down the line when prominence is given to cheating. I personally do not want a level1 level2 level3 I would return it to them and they can have it because it has no meaning. It's so full of irrelevant qualification in art and catering and things that I have no interest in academically. More problematic is when cheating forms the foundation of an already disadvantaged community. I think people believe that I am going against helping 250 students or whatever amount but you must understand down the line everything will fall back into place and these people will be disadvantaged YES. You cannot ignore the literacy ignore the numeracy and think that down the line you are going to become doctor, engineer, lawyer. They tried to give me examples they have only one or two examples of that it's not a good enough statistic one or two, and it creates problems down the line for the government. The government is supposed to investigate these things and they have information that is fabricated to look a certain way to show a lot of progress YEAH, but they are not aware that cheating is influencing the passing, the modern tools are not a solution because we are supposed to use the brain as a tool the inner workings. On the computer it is not knowledge. People are dependent and we risk other people or technology doing the working so this is the problem for the NZQA Digital revolution or whatever you call it as with all revolution you never see any great results it is always suffering in the revolution that's what happens. People want positive results you can't get positive results in the reality for everyone, so when implementing a protocol to be unbiased or unprejudiced or use logic or reason which are also concepts then the schools must have integrity. Thank you very much I will end there


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