Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Zealand Prejudice toward Health And Disabilities

Okay so now I will discuss discrimination in Massey University and studylink against all people with health and disabilities due to negligence and illness beyond one's control so there have been debts delivered to me overpayments bad credit this is in relation to the student loan scheme and difficulties as a result of attaining the scheme without education, and that education is implicated due to health reasons as a result of implications and discrimination carried forward by colleges onto universities. These problems have occurred and in such case the student allowance was expected to pay off either the student loan debt created by the crown entity or it was expected to attend school not any other reason but when a student has been made incapable of passing a full-time course what results are all these debts. According to the studylink representative a student must pass with a certain number of EFT's the crux of the issue is when the student doesn't have any money or allowance due to studylinks own suspension. Thus compromising any ability to continue the education he is studying and therefore a refund in total is required on account of technical difficulties. Massey had actually implemented some new system which prevented logins as well as other issues occurring at the time such as chicken pox which I speculate originates from Glen Innes particularly the Fijian importations as I had been completely preoccupied with the legal matters - so that this is the only place I could have gained such severe illness. Also the negligence occurring at the time which impacted ones ability to drive or perform academically. Additionally I was awaiting tribunal outcome because that is a legal process to follow for civil matters - And from recollection the letters addressed to me had incorrect details listed, and resulted in suicide police sent to me from a criminal division not the civil Department. The student had implications for attendance to classes and thus continuity was not possible and the law is based on evidence, however Ministry of Social Development the crown entity in charge of Studylink and WINZ still refuses to acknowledge papers which claim technical issues implying their system is faulty. When the student allowance was suspended the work and income is supposed to begin specifically when there is a medical is renwed, if there is a medical for work & income then we should not even be having delays in between student allowance as the work & income comes first but due to automatic problems it does not begin so we are forced to fulfill different obligations miss out on payments and incur implications. Hence different demands and the course would appear to be discriminatory in light of evidence provided by hospitals demonstrating the severity of chickenpox & with respect to the consequences of doctors who act negligently. In fact the symptoms I experienced I did not feel that constituted a chickenpox but they had told me this is Adult chickenpox it's much more severe. I had been informed of derived grades according to the schools and the doctors who are supposed to make such decisions on my behalf and take accountability but it is presumed that everyone is aware of the Bill of Rights. Likewise WINZ is not my problem but they are supposed to provide the charity while I deal with these actual issues and as a result of them denying the tech issues which I in the photograph there are implications to accessing the automated system whereby payment is legally entitled to be back paid without further fees you.


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