New Zealand Prejudice toward Health And Disabilities

These problems have occurred and in such case the student allowance was expected to pay off either the student loan debt created by the crown entity or it was expected to attend school not any other reason but when a student has been made incapable of passing a full-time course what results are all these debts.

According to the studylink representative a student must pass with a certain number of EFTs the crux of the issue is when the student doesnt have any money or allowance due to studylinks own suspension.

When the student allowance was suspended the work and income is supposed to begin specifically when there is a medical is renwed, if there is a medical for work & income then we should not even be having delays in between student allowance as the work & income comes first but due to automatic problems it does not begin so we are forced to fulfill different obligations miss out on payments and incur implications.


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