Standing upon exploitative foundations – Philanthropy.Org.NZ

This review should address the entities standing upon exploitative foundations & the right of all people to be treated equally as opposed to what I view as scrutinizing certain classes like foreign entities.

The way I see activism it should be helping the living people. Philanthropic efforts toward the past, gone, and historic is a reverse racism. Hence it defeats the purpose and defeats the means, so I personally believe any involvement of this organisation must be positive & privately improving the society. The inequality is not my problem hence why oranisations like this are damaging to my public education - The fact students cheat, don't use pens, paper or books is damaging education.

Lately I have been seeing the tomorrow’s schools task force state that some schools have been receiving millions of dollars and it would appear to be a completely different country, so it is apparent that they were referring to the funds from the NZ philanthropy organization.

I am against the stereotypes they are not valid – It seems that anytime people in relative poverty receive any publicity stunt that it seems innately true. Wholesale computers also are much cheaper so it cannot be a very philanthropic entity..

Due to my observations of unfair experiences one is not keen to encourage this organization due to the side effects of certain schemes they support.


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