Saturday, April 6, 2019

Nepotism & NZQA

Nepotism seems to be a problem in NZ which is a risk of corruption. Upon reflection many of the teachers in my school were relatives - & out of nowhere they were arriving at the public school I attended with similar affiliations attaining positions of influence i.e instructors are close relatives, students are close relatives or they are friends of relatives, this is far beyond the scope of what can be coincidence. The process for teacher dismissals I suspect is a systematic problem based upon what I've read in news reports with past occurrences, and the events seen with my own eyes, so one must suspect something undemocratic is occurring privately in the government funded public schools. As I have observed for myself the money going to low decile schools goes primarily to teachers not to the improvement of education - I think the only improvement I could recognize was the car park seems to be full of modern cars now . Likewise I feel they are overusing the altruism card and avoiding the full picture- One must just look at poor countries they need only ten dollars for a couple loafs of bread to live but here almost all full time students studying L3 are entitled to student allowance which is more than enough for food and clothes - so I do not buy into the severity of absolute poverty. I've witnessed in person that the Low socioeconomic school I attended recruited lower quality teachers who are not very qualified having attained the rights to teach through a 4 year fast track process in comparison to the High Socioeconomic counterpart which had more senior teachers. On the face of it, I saw a lower quality of education in the poor school, which received more funding. The L1, L2 and L3 were somewhat limited due to their poor foundation and prejudicing. The high socioeconomic school still offered the latest books, classrooms, higher number of classes and use of technology with discretion- the poor school made available 4 classes which was science oriented . Needless to say I found my L1, L2 L3 Qualification to be absolutely irrelevant and full of poor quality cheated grades without preparation, lacking any pathway and validated with random grades like Geometry, Art, & MS Excel based assignments. Due to lack of students they prohibited me on a personal level as I'm aware others got in to the Multidisciplinary Literacy classes I require for order - thus my curriculum was very weak irrelevant & compromised start to finish.


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