Ministry of Justice

On just another typical day in 2017 appeared very threatening Police alleging "suicide" it is no big surprise that I did not wish to come outside to explain the need for due legal process.

I feel that I merit the right to deletion of all these outlandish social constructivism stored on the system. We have Armed police sent to me denying the freedom to expressions which I was utilizing to highlight to district court the requirement for "Due Process" not this out of context mischief, metaphor whatever.

I had Armed cops who wished to wake me up from my rest & take me from the solace of my home to a psyche-ward.

I don't have any idea how such such secular interpretation of suicide can be produced using the unremarkable letters I wrote to detail the long delays, suspended Education, Payments & Ailments which had all arrived at my door step out of sheer luck.

They even said they will recommend me to the physician - the man is the same respondent for malpractice civil suit I'm addressing- I had known them for only five minutes whose diagnosis was really to deal with the EFT & workload obligation issue created by the local cheating college as well as meeting the new demand of studylink & tertiary institutes. I feel I am legally Entitled to receive transparency about facts unless there is a reason I am unaware of for rights to information from Ministry of Justice under, "The Official Information Act 1982" or "Privacy Act 1993". At present I can't seem to get anything within a reasonable time frame unless it is, 3 months, 7 months, and so forth in such period cases are already closed.

I observed at the police station that they independently choose what data to scan ignoring statutes. It also depends who you talk to for information to be recorded in their system. They told me they were recording information - but this would not bring about any action at all.


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