Ministry of Education - Partners

The ministry needs to cut ties with exploitative partners and private entities who engage in hacking. Ministry has continued to direct me to the principals of their college - this is not a matter to discuss with them because they are complicit in these things. By the same standards it would be like raising all the illegal movies they stream in their English classes to teach their educational standards people simply do not care about laws that is why they do it in the first place thus it encourages continuation.The Ministry of education appears to have absolutely no power over it's public schools. Ministry of education allows private software companies started at pt England and a philanthropist to dictate, access & control the lives of many individuals without permission - it is like a slavery. Therefore it should be the ministry of education's job to sanction these schools -The intention of mentioning this is to prohibit it completely.

I believe the ministry needs to be more aware of the laws in its schools. The same way I mention to the Vice Principal, students should not be selling drugs. Or I discourage students crossing the road and using Pt England reserve as a recreational smoking area.

Likewise ministry won't take responsibility for its own principals and their complicity or their role with private companies introducing spyware into the school system -

In fact, I'd be interested in how Hapara works because I think it is no different than the way identity thieves & keyloggers secretly compromise Linux and similar technologies without permission - I say this because the minute I have installed private systems which have been purchased with my business computer then all actions by fusion to willfully compromise civil property is a breach.

I attend school for education not to have eaves dropping software installed, a new system exploiting the weakness of privacy laws in NZ, or a system breaking consumer rights, and introducing vulnerabilities by downloading Linux, chromium over windows In order to obtain unwarranted access is unjustified. If it were a national censorship program then every students' data would be going to the ministry of education including irrelevant information to comply with rules and regulation.

Under the ministry of education the vice principal somehow has the ability to coerce the computer repair person whose working under an independent entity to then install a compromised system - this is a threat to democracy if there are people operating a laissez-faire system independent from our national laws.

Thus forcing me to use their hapara network which is private and open not developed by NZQA should not be allowed - I think with tech companies partnering with the ministry of education they need to aggregate their data and allow client to opt out before they impose such things and damage property. When getting people to abide by national obligations there should only be one unified system thus if the private entities break the law within their schools the crown should prohibit it from reoccurring.


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