Friday, April 12, 2019

Manaiakalani Education Trust

Privacy laws are here to sustain what is already public. The Trust's implementation of software and internet should not encourage posterity of students images without consent. Likewise schools under this trust should ensure that their digital affiliated schools abide by the privacy bill.
In terms of the vice principal installing software made available by Manaiakalani Education Trust, what I deem this as is an act of illegal spying - constant authorized access to my school email - installation of operating system and tracking extensions over my existing windows which was not a free or cloud based system is another privacy problem.
The trust should follow what is lawful to advance individualism under the privacy bill & intellectual property laws - thus I must have rights to remove my own data. Data which the ministry of education seems oblivious as to the owner -
 Also the schools need to be transparent to the public about their caste system - As mentioned they view the parents as the problem and as a result the outcome is negative due to preconceived negative notions - but as I've found the culture in the schools of welcoming drug dealing, cheating, and misconduct is another causative factor in addition to principals lying to the media or making defamatory statements about the technology when they actually are teaching fewer, lower, irrelevant and inferior standards.
 Thus such entities should realize the need for improvement - Proper consent must be made between the Manaiakalani Education Trust & individuals which should be able to be denied due to the nature of compulsory education. Photos in secret for publication cannot be tolerated as it can be construed as breaching rights thus as with many precedents I view it as illegal when it is used for publications Online or in graduation photos, blogs etc.


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