Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Howick College - Auckland

I would not recommend this school for people from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Judging by the criteria presented to me - a person from a poor school cannot even meet the criteria to their classes despite it being a legal right in the public school system to study where you live. In addition it was difficult for me to ensure my human rights due to snobbery and the government's lack of resources. In view of Howick College there are many admission & elitist prejudices which are based on my prior schools imposed curriculum thus making it unfair to people from different demographics. In light of recent confirmation regarding PISA tests and Inequality one must acknowledge that it is not possible for both school leaders in Howick College and Tamaki College as well as government agencies to hold contradicting evidence to the quality of education. I had already addressed these issues to the ombudsman and ministry of education at the time prior to the task force- & while my previous principal released news regarding poorer schools offering the same education to richer schools – What I discovered at Howick College was not the case - & in line with the PISA tests it demonstrates otherwise with regards to quality of education. As a result, upon arrival at Howick college to continue education in Piano and Science I was greatly at a disadvantage due to the mathematics curriculum imposed from Tamaki College due to a variety of factors & excuses. Likewise there appears to be a double standard created by a Government task force which is also contradicting the NZQA reports. To conclude, I feel School Principals & Boards of trustees are indeed responsible for ongoing prejudicial issue which affects human rights particularly in Howick College.


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