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New Zealand Teachers cheating for students

New Zealand teachers cheating for students so with the digital move of NZQA our schools have started to introduce technology in all of their classes -- not just one but all.

The extent at which help became excessive was when I had realised the social science teacher, the biology teacher, the English teacher they will know they were providing answers not limiting revisions to protocols which I witnessed at a prior or school. With the more extreme cases of teachers cheating for students in public spaces whereby a teacher actively allowed students to cheat and I have exemplified this case - this catering case because I recall it very clearly.

I have mentioned it many times and people wish to continue denying despite students actively discussing cheating.

I recall very much just in the lobby people would discuss the cheating while the teacher was there, so she is obviously very much aware that she has allowed people to cheat.

In the Tamaki College theyre paying students money to get the merit and the excellence, so theyre just encouraging cheating behavior or competition not the actual learning.

As a student of Tamaki College Id witnessed a lot of bragging about bonuses being given to these teachers -- obviously its a long time I cannot recall all of the contracts provided.

Nepotism & NZQA

Upon reflection many of the teachers in my school were relatives - & out of nowhere they were arriving at the public school I attended with similar affiliations attaining positions of influence i.e instructors are close relatives, students are close relatives or they are friends of relatives, this is far beyond the scope of what can be coincidence.

On the face of it, I saw a lower quality of education in the poor school, which received more funding.

The L1, L2 and L3 were somewhat limited due to their poor foundation and prejudicing.

The high socioeconomic school still offered the latest books, classrooms, higher number of classes and use of technology with discretion- the poor school made available 4 classes which was science oriented .

Howick College - Auckland

I would not recommend this school for people from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Judging by the criteria presented to me - a person from a poor school cannot even meet the criteria to their classes despite it being a legal right in the public school system to study where you live.

In addition it was difficult for me to ensure my human rights due to snobbery and the government's lack of resources.

In view of Howick College there are many admission & elitist prejudices which are based on my prior schools imposed curriculum thus making it unfair to people from different demographics. In light of recent confirmation regarding PISA tests and Inequality.

As a result, upon arrival at Howick college to continue education in Piano and Science I was greatly at a disadvantage due to the mathematics curriculum imposed from Tamaki College due to a variety of factors & excuses.

Likewise there appears to be a double standard created by a Government task force which is also contradicting the NZQA reports.

New Zealand: Auckland District Court

Lets discuss some issues in regard to the District Court, as Ive discussed before in other reviews about many issues in some crown entities, when individuals within a government body do not follow the law, it is totally wrong and people should agree with me, I dont want to let down the value of all these organizations but rules and regulations should be followed by everyone who belongs to this country.

Thus, these breaches in privacy are totally wrong and no one is taking it seriously but there should be a definitive line between departments, which is the point of the privacy commissioner.

Education Council in New Zealand

The Education Council has been renamed the “Teaching Council of Aotearoa”, New Zealand. The enactment and procedure used to set up council were in a general sense imperfect.

So, here I want to share with you my experience as a student reporting cheating by teachers. I am not satisfied with this council. It appears someone is creating obstacles or corruptions that are allowed by the council openly.

Individual issues or character predisposition does not have a place in the education system. This is totally against the rules of education. Everyone has an equal right in this system. So, discrimination, cheating, and participation with drug dealers should effectively be dis-allowed in every education system. On the off chance that a principal is not present in her office, it should not be pardoned in the education system, middle person or vice principal is adequate in their absence, I addressed all these. So, in order to audit performance or ability, there should be an acknowledgment of proof, grievances, and articles which were at that point offered, I got many void words. One can’t know these laws exist without prior advice. A weakness is anything relating to an educator’s physical or emotional well-being or identity that may adversely influence their capacity to instruct skillfully and securely. It could lead to things such as allowing illicit drug use in schools as a result of an emotional issue. In these cases, there is a weakness of the procedure to evaluate.

I accept both the ombudsman and NZQA delegate encouraged to contact this element once the verification was given. Presently another worry I realized on returning to this particular issue is the 20 days period for collating, it is quite a while. Thus, the record keeping is really bad and it needs to be addressed as it is important to the issue. Hopefully, a resolution will be found to all these.

Irrelevant College - Freedom of Christianity

Tamaki college must work upon religious freedom & respect.

Their career adviser or tutor said to me that I don't really believe in Christianity - to imply that I do not have faith is offensive.

Teachers kept on scrutinizing my way of life and morals to deflect from matters of the public & illegal teacher conduct I have the right to ethics to control my environment if illegal behavior occurs.

Their career adviser went on insulting my religion implying I do not really believe in those people hammering out the Bible in the stones and Maui which is not even part of the bible.

In fact personal cultures and religion shouldn't be in the the school syllabus - it should not be promoting a culture of racism endorsed by the NZQA - They may deny it but many dogmatic beliefs in the education resources from cultural scholars are just a guise for cultural-racism.

All state funded teachers must be welcoming to different religion and culture not just stereotyped interpretations of culture.

They abuse the use of career advisers, they likewise sent their medical adviser it is a waste of government funds they teach me nothing and provide me nothing, and they do not respect the cultural response I'd given.

Teachers must accept no - they figure I am to conform to a social construct which would otherwise compromise my religion - if ethics are seen as maladaptive then it is unjustified to impose those dogmatic secular convictions.

In any case, if they are to impose career advisers, and counselors they must do their duty not seek motivations which have consequence hence should be prohibited - they cannot waste my time and tell me they don't get paid enough - With their specialist hiding behind confidentiality I went through the list of names and discovered it was the same individual causing havoc- these motivations are unjustified manipulation of the system - such intrusive dealings cannot be tolerated under the human rights act.

Massey University: New Zealand

In hindsight of the education problem in the Agricommerce from Massey University, I will be straight to the point about the situation of things. They dont care about the irrelevant activities, the system blunders ought to offer specialized help, not words, and the verbal understandings in regards to instructive prerequisite ought to compensate. They dont care about the illness of anyone and do not understand other peoples problem instead they use their logic to deny.

Massey University Albany Review

First of all please inform the Massey University staff, teachers, & customer service help desk how to read a map as they had guided me to incorrect places. First impressions on this campus are of utmost importance.

Now I shall review the first two papers and the entropy it had in line with the latter.

There are exceptions to the law for reasons when people are unfit to complete Degree as a result of reasons beyond what is feasible. My examinations due to the protocol were undermined from the Start date to the End date in Massey Albany.One must consider capacity in line with abilities. And I feel it is an excessive charge for assignment criteria which had no possibility to be completed beyond any reasonable doubt. I later found that I hadn't passed as of reasons outside our human ability to control, for example, ailments. I am greatly offended by the secretary and consultants I strongly believe Accidents, Illness and Negligent action should not be attributable to the victims. My Student Allowance and Student Loan were greatly affected - Due to discrimination there was not the will to assess whether I had passed four papers I had been working on in total in accordance with protocols & equitable measures for health reason. Now I confess I had not given the supporting proof as mentioned, we can completely blame the ministry of justice for this action whose withholding of information is preventative of due process.

As a result of Massey Universities handlings Student Allowance was declined and overpayment and tax was charged. The true reason for all the negative outcomes was on the grounds that I was debilitated as a result of a group of specialist so the likelihood of he said she said statements from Massey is extremely low. Due to very discriminatory decisions which lead to damage of Student Allowance I feel Massey University has some responsibilities to the recuperation to ensure all of it's crown obligations.

Student Allowance resettlements should be provided by the Massey University due to the inflexible misleading procedures in place. As a student, I had been misdirected and told about a derived grade capability due to sickness. Thus my knowledge toward study link was undermined when inquired as to whether I passed the greater part of my tertiary course was still being processed I undoubtedly had to say yes due to the work completed to be derived.

As regards to the outcomes it is simply not possible to know what measures are in place to deal with sickness, but it appears that there is no such measure for health and disabilities in Massey university - I had been completely transparent when I prompted that I did not yet know the outcomes of my unfortunate incidences of malpractice, thus there are supposed to be legal obligations in place.

Also noted reasons with regard to Massey University are because of research issues the work was not possible to be completed around the same period Massey unveiled a new system which prevented logins. Most importantly, as the scriptures says, "forgive them; for they know not what they do", we shall forgive not draw conclusions. Now how Massey makes relationship might be an issue I just see sickness but Massey arbitrarily have just created a unrelated correlation - – to make attribution to that which is of another nature is not valid - Indeed when the school misdirected me to write a thesis on Media violence it was one of the conclusions that there was no correlation.

ACC New Zealand

HDC was advised by ACC after a very long period passed and raised this case; the order they made was for ETHC to write an acknowledgement letter - there is a need for proper prevention.

Part 1 - Pisa

Students at Tamaki College accomplish comparative results by cheating, fewer classes, a greater percentage of unit standards, as well as arbitrary decisions in class selection ,which demonstrates a form of discrimination.

Human Rights Commission: New Zealand

"The Office of the Race Relations Conciliator was consolidated with the Human Rights Commission by an amendment to the Human Rights Act in 2001"

To resolve this issue, one must address the present problems, whether it is dishonesty or unfairness, a resolution without investigation in New Zealand - so that it is possible to resolve these issues properly.

Everyone should follow the rules and take action on Human Rights and legal Representations.

First, there is an absence of taking action on this type of issues and then, OHRP is not taking my case seriously and making it more and more complicated with regard to getting charged for over-payments.

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

No one is perfect - not every system is perfect. We find many problems in many systems. So here are some problems that I have observed about this education system and I want to share some of this information, so don’t see it from a negative perspective. I went to this school to finish some work and almost did finish my work before the mid-year. This was necessary because of some problems.

But, I observe there is a lack of experience in the Open Polytechnic.

On the off chance that one law is practiced that ought to be imitated over the social structure for self-assertive grounds. They have some few problems in the background where students can share examinations on different websites and have an edge using the internet. And such rules would be no different than students purchasing a copy of notes or exams papers. I also searched for some test paper from Google and every student can search for this type of content.

I remember the admin said something along the lines of “ it’s ok to share your exam and it is not against the rules” but if a person copied another individuals content this is totally against the rules. So this was all about some illegal points that are happening in this education system. Thank you for reading.

Office of the Ombudsman: New Zealand

Lets discuss some issues in regard to the District Court, as Ive discussed before in other reviews about many issues in some crown entities, when individuals within a government body do not follow the law, it is totally wrong and people should agree with me, I dont want to let down the value of all these organizations but rules and regulations should be followed by everyone who belongs to this country.

Thus, these breaches in privacy are totally wrong and no one is taking it seriously but there should be a definitive line between departments, which is the point of the privacy commissioner.

Part 2 - Pisa

The excuses provided by their college leaders was that the reason for inequality are the parents fault, and the second reason was they select students from the intermediate graduation, and the third reason was blaming intermediate teachers, and the fourth reason was contradictory to other schools owned by the ministry of education, this xenophobia is an absurd unethical method to limit a persons education. In summary I think it would be important that Ministry of Education intervenes and exercise human rights with its systems according the statutes equally without prejudice especially with schools who have a reputation for discriminating people.

Propaganda in New Zealand

Radio New Zealand embodies what I consider a propagandist state owned news source. It is a crown entity promoting misinformation in New Zealand. Adverse to their reports what has been demonstrated to me by various deputy principals and the government bodies is a systemic inequality not what is being promoted by these crown journalists, this news favors misleading bias viewpoints.When judging the objective truth of public performance this news outlet tells the audience lies which do not reflect reality. Unprejudiced news should reflect the true state of the events as oppose to the propaganda formed by various population biases, incomparable statistics, and vastly unrelated outcomes demonstrating that the purpose of this news is to sugar coat the truth. The greatest risk of reading this news is misinformation & manipulation of the public opinion. Indeed when I read these sorts of media I to am convinced but when I physically review such places it is not the case.