The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

No one is perfect - not every system is perfect. We find many problems in many systems. So here are some problems that I have observed about this education system and I want to share some of this information, so don’t see it from a negative perspective. I went to this school to finish some work and almost did finish my work before the mid-year. This was necessary because of some problems.

But, I observe there is a lack of experience in the Open Polytechnic.

On the off chance that one law is practiced that ought to be imitated over the social structure for self-assertive grounds. They have some few problems in the background where students can share examinations on different websites and have an edge using the internet. And such rules would be no different than students purchasing a copy of notes or exams papers. I also searched for some test paper from Google and every student can search for this type of content.

I remember the admin said something along the lines of “ it’s ok to share your exam and it is not against the rules” but if a person copied another individuals content this is totally against the rules. So this was all about some illegal points that are happening in this education system. Thank you for reading.


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