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New Zealand Qualification Authority Racism

NZQA is a proxy for racism - Both in my experience and according to the findings of Tomorrows Schools Task Force the New Zealand compulsory education sector has been found to be racist whereby schools manipulate NZQA for personal ambitions.

From records available this organisation causes issues that transfer and reduce academic achievement due to their lack of intervention according to the NZQAs administrator Frank Moran there is no evidence - when NZQA has been sent a piece of evidence, and when certain articles are rationed by councils who will vote.

Whether we consider something as proof depends on the linkage of events there are actually many other issues brought up in this lately if a teacher accepts money for exam results or a school managers cheating case of inappropriately this will be unjustified, and would appear to be morally incorrect if we address other ongoing problems with modern technology as in the case with a teacher finding a plagiarized essay at that stage it must be managed fittingly.

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