Education Council in New Zealand

The Education Council has been renamed the “Teaching Council of Aotearoa”, New Zealand. The enactment and procedure used to set up council were in a general sense imperfect.

So, here I want to share with you my experience as a student reporting cheating by teachers. I am not satisfied with this council. It appears someone is creating obstacles or corruptions that are allowed by the council openly.

Individual issues or character predisposition does not have a place in the education system. This is totally against the rules of education. Everyone has an equal right in this system. So, discrimination, cheating, and participation with drug dealers should effectively be dis-allowed in every education system. On the off chance that a principal is not present in her office, it should not be pardoned in the education system, middle person or vice principal is adequate in their absence, I addressed all these. So, in order to audit performance or ability, there should be an acknowledgment of proof, grievances, and articles which were at that point offered, I got many void words. One can’t know these laws exist without prior advice. A weakness is anything relating to an educator’s physical or emotional well-being or identity that may adversely influence their capacity to instruct skillfully and securely. It could lead to things such as allowing illicit drug use in schools as a result of an emotional issue. In these cases, there is a weakness of the procedure to evaluate.

I accept both the ombudsman and NZQA delegate encouraged to contact this element once the verification was given. Presently another worry I realized on returning to this particular issue is the 20 days period for collating, it is quite a while. Thus, the record keeping is really bad and it needs to be addressed as it is important to the issue. Hopefully, a resolution will be found to all these.


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