East Tamaki Healthcare Discrimination

So east Tamaki health care they are in charge of serving you that is their responsibility. Different individuals from the group may engage so in this case we do not see the doctor we see the head office. Relying upon their necessities and their wishes so you must wait for that long period of time if their doctors want to go overseas then they are gone the rest will refuse, if the head office also wants to also go on holiday they are gone as well so you must wait or halt legal process.

Nowadays we are seeing the doctors are becoming the drug dealers they are the ones who are providers legally because they are treating all of these dogmatic illness. It doesn't matter what illness, drug is a drug for everyone, and they are all the same when not used appropriately. So along these lines it is understood that east Tamaki health care must permit a GP visitation in certain circumstance, it is an obligation because they are taking the tax payers money. In certain cases where documentation is required to access mediate legal procedures. They may say I have the power to refuse but I will not but with this logic If there is no option at all one must say the choice to see a doctor is not existing.

When you are treating a patient It is always important to monitor and when something does not go correctly you must discontinue that is how it works. It is not about the talking on and on and on saying this is going to work it has worked on other people the validity is based on ability to see what is happening so that is the problem with this medical facility.

You do not go along the mystical or stereotypical thinking - If we start thinking along the lines of stereotypes and generalities everyone will grow a beard and so forth, but that is not the case we are all unique.

So I can say if I am there for medical reasons I do not wish to hear the medical rationalization of nothing it does not exist. But for those doctors who wish to take the risks what occurs are Implications. While tending to the issues raised by ethc whereby a case is made to look a certain way - one must ask what can the paper be used for - those papers from this facility can be used by a pharmacist to dispense an excess of drugs. One must also monitor the health and improvement as the manufacturer implied on an audio recording and discontinue when problems occur.


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