Saturday, March 30, 2019

ACC New Zealand

In my view, the ACC criteria follow unreasonable premises and deflect accountability. Upon confrontation with the tribunal court, they advised that it be raised with ACC because it is very difficult under their jurisdiction - When it came to raising misadventure with ACC, their criteria had no means to be met- One cannot assert himself to gain such information without causing offence especially when the head office and the doctor in question behave normally and leave on holiday shortly after meeting - there is no austere manner to go about this- HDC was advised by ACC after a very long period passed and raised this case; the order they made was for ETHC to write an acknowledgement letter - there is a need for proper prevention. At the time all I had to deal with were the practices of intolerant GP's & managers.

Work and Income – Glen Innes

The benefit is actually supposed to be what you fall back on when there is a lack of human rights. Having sent the WINZ attachments of medical forms, there should be no problems. However, I endure without entitlements and privileges in my own country, unable to speak due to the unwillingness to accept the truth. I asked to make a call using the landline, I don’t use mobile to send message as I am used to the traditional way of physically writing letters, however, WINZ does not oblige - so I am unaware of my obligations. They say it is not a personal problem but I have not assumed it is a personal problem, If I am told everyone cannot access the automatic system including me, these are tech issues and I believe that wasting time looking for the forms, paying fifteen dollars for a sticker & having to make multiple appointments waiting long periods should be avoided. This is an issue since 2017 and they still aren't fixing it, just de-escalating from their customer service down to their Glen Innes office requiring a long appointment which again ends up being denied.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

New Zealand: Auckland District Court

Let’s discuss some issues in regard to the District Court, as I’ve discussed before in other reviews about many issues in some crown entities, when individuals within a government body do not follow the law, it is totally wrong and people should agree with me, I don't want to let down the value of all these organizations but rules and regulations should be followed by everyone who belongs to this country. So, I just want fairness to all people and want to see that everyone follow all the rules and regulations. I feel there is no regard for privacy in the court, indeed it is repealed under human rights - so to sort out the suicide, the presumption that the police made was never at any point my thought, it greatly affected my dignity and my ethical morals. To infer false assumption against me, notwithstanding the assertion that I am utilizing metaphors for this sort of thing which doesn't appear to have a basis, it doesn't look great on my record. With regards to the 7 months legal process which identified with driving, what I said was, I am dying which implied tiredness, yet, just to clear up in the literal, it holds another definition in the sense that we are all dying. The many months of delays & stress are terrible for a person’s heart. Thus, these breaches in privacy are totally wrong and no one is taking it seriously but there should be a definitive line between departments, which is the point of the privacy commissioner.

Office of the Ombudsman: New Zealand

The Ombudsman handles complaints in relation to crown entities, bringing together connections & official data demands. They additionally do the scope of jobs that go toward ensuring your rights, such as the execution of the UN Disabilities Convention. They give advice, direction, and support government agencies. This was the brief introduction of the Office of the Ombudsman in New Zealand. Now, I want to discuss some main problems involving the Ombudsman. Please don’t take it in a negative sense, I don’t want to spoil the values of this agency or any kind of office or any other organization for my benefit. I am doing this for all those people who need a solution to their problems, who want justice. I just want to reveal some realities about the Ombudsman. As I have found, they have a lot of responsibilities and rules, but some members of this office are not doing their job appropriately. They are just creating blunders and not helping people and this is totally wrong. I’ll speak about this. The ombudsman appeared to be threatening - they continued rehashing similar reasoning such as being at a meeting or similar generalities following two or three weeks of an individual complaining, it appeared there was no possibility to these falsehoods occurring so redundantly. Therefore, I can only speculate that they use statements which are not genuine occurrences simply because it is important that they are at a meeting or doing such and such with the goal that you leave. Inevitably, the mediator was told just to read a statement like a recording device where you couldn't react. So no one is taking these issues seriously. Reluctant to communicate, she rehashed that 2-3 times. At long last, she yelled we don't have to investigate and hung up. What will you say about this type of behavior? It is really disappointing.

New Zealand: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of health leads New Zealand’s health and disability system and has by and large obligations to improve, advance and ensure the health and well-being of New Zealanders. These responsibilities of the Ministry of health include the following; • It is the responsibility of New Zealand's health and disability system to inform the Minister and Government regarding health, disability & government problems. • Legitimately obtaining a perspective of national health and disability services • Giving health advice, data and provision of facilities to assist every single New Zealander. Now, we will review some issues on the Ministry of Health. After a lot of requests, the Ministry of health has been sent a simple request to access NIH information which is public to any practitioner except the client himself. Although, I have legal cases to defend, I am unable to access the evidence coinciding with other crown entities like Open Polytechnic, Massey University, and NZQA. I have found a lot of issues in these cases. As far as anyone knows, these bodies were offering a rapid resolution to fairness, but revealing the issue about health two years before can be quite a hurdle. The time delay is too long when information is required which should be provided under privacy code 1994 to exchange such information back to the crown entities with clarity. Entities who demand these reports for verification and come up short of the knowledge to interpret it. Now, these are all authoritative concerns. Be that as it may, Ministry of Health should get a researcher to compare in due time and the issues I’ve raised which are demands recorded on Dictaphone from a manufacturer who also found this information from Medsafe, that would be the best goals for the individuals who want use a dogmatic rationale and reason, because in the truth verbal understandings between schools ought to be upheld with realities as it is unreasonable or silly for me to attempt and contend these enthusiastic sentiments which appear to be progressively similar to a projection. In light of the fact that there is no interest for certain views and this idea in itself is nothing and has no demand with addressing obstruction to examinations, sickness or social services & commitments.

New Zealand Qualification Authority Racism

NZQA as a proxy for racism -Government reports have found New Zealand as a racist education system where schools manipulate NZQA for personal gain - They have been found to misrepresent their achievement leading to disparity statements were made that the state of education is an apartheid and that the decile system is leaving those who are actually disadvantaged on the side. To avoid parallels with government agencies I will clarify and write a review of NZQA. Inspite of all unjustified inspirations or goals of individuals in control who should be educated and vetted through this framework. From records available this organisation causes issues that transfer and reduce academic achievement due to their lack of intervention according to the NZQA's administrator Frank Moran there is no evidence - when NZQA has been sent a piece of evidence, and when certain articles are rationed by councils who will vote. Whether we consider something as proof depends on the linkage of events there are actually many other issues brought up in this lately if a teacher accepts money for exam results or a school managers cheating case of inappropriately this will be unjustified, and would appear to be morally incorrect if we address other ongoing problems with modern technology as in the case with a teacher finding a plagiarized essay at that stage it must be managed fittingly. In contrast standards do not deter what is ethically correct as I added in my review in earlier years customer services refer to the relationship manager but he alludes back to them so it is going around in circles - They don't have the right people to resolve problems as per the law. Level 3 Visual Art standards 91456 has resulted in my level 3 NCEA lacking in the university entrance by five credits and the art which was sent and reviewed by NZQA hence proof. Therefore it should be possible to derive for appropriate courses on the off-chance that I am NOT in Auckland at that point I can't even receive the evidence so one ought to comprehend the idea of that with a presence of mind or conventionality. There is a teacher who swapped work between the internal and external exams needless to state it is an uncontroversial assignment with very controversial implication the teacher said herself it was merit but had not marked it to comply with open Polytechnic registrar's then it became achieved at the end of the year so at some point the accomplishment it must be sustained as per arrangement. I left so for me to take responsibility for another person's work which is part of the marking criteria is absurd in such case anyone can lay out my work from any assignment. Thank you

East Tamaki Healthcare Discrimination

So east Tamaki health care they are in charge of serving you that is their responsibility. Individuals are accessible to meet and attend to any inquiry one may have this was the case with me following car incident and various physiological outcomes of hard-work. Different individuals from the group may engage so in this case we do not see the doctor we see the head office. Relying upon their necessities and their wishes so you must wait for that long period of time if their doctors want to go overseas then they are gone the rest will refuse, if the head office also wants to also go on holiday they are gone as well so you must wait or halt legal process. 

Nowadays we are seeing the doctors are becoming the drug dealers they are the ones who are providers legally because they are treating all of these dogmatic illness. It doesn't matter what illness, drug is a drug for everyone, and they are all the same when not used appropriately. So along these lines it is understood that east Tamaki health care must permit a GP visitation in certain circumstance, it is an obligation because they are taking the tax payers money - Not refusals as in the case of the manager, and in certain cases where documentation is required to access mediate legal procedures. They may say I have the power to refuse but I will not but with this logic If there is no option at all one must say the choice to see a doctor is not existing. 

So the last statement from the manager may be considered to be Human rights discrimination. Refusal is discrimination in a medical setting. There is also an absence of learning from Past mistakes - when you are treating a patient It is always important to monitor and when something does not go correctly you must discontinue that is how it works. It is not about the talking on and on and on saying this is going to work it has worked on other people the validity is based on ability to see what is happening so that is the problem with this medical facility. 

There is also an absence of Insights and an overflow of issues explicitly when the objective is to accomplish happiness or serenity this is no different from a drug user because happiness is not a medical illness - serenity is not a medical illness, this is not what one can treat. 

When someone comes for an illness whether stress related or from the community that is medical in nature you must treat it. You do not go along the mystical or stereotypical thinking - If we start thinking along the lines of stereotypes and generalities everyone will grow a beard and so forth, but that is not the case we are all unique. 

So I can say if I am there for medical reasons I do not wish to hear the medical rationalization of nothing it does not exist. But for those doctors who wish to take the risks what occurs are Implications and in my case there are implications towards banks, studying, over-payments and this case as has been advised to me discrimination because criteria is relevant irrespective of doctors. Despite not dispensing it is still an important thing for doctors not to make technical errors because there is a regulation set by the government. Now we must still address that issue - So the receipt was a legitimate record of proof as regard to Medsafe and I would also say that is a fair trading act offense to break the regulation with regard to dispensing drugs without efficacy. Both regulatory bodies demonstrated some degree of fault in reading their statutes this is likewise an alternative point of view from the legal advice which was expressly regarding consumer rights and lost salary in regards to misadventure. While tending to the issues raised by ethc whereby a case is made to look a certain way - one must ask what can the paper be used for - those papers from this facility can be used by a pharmacist to dispense an excess of drugs. One must also monitor the health and improvement as the manufacturer implied on an audio recording and discontinue when problems occur.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New Zealand: Ministry of Education

The Ministry's job is to raise the educational accomplishment and decrease inequality. That job is met by individual Boards of Trustees for each public school in the country. The service has various roles -- notifying the government -- handling data, learning resources -- implementing guidelines, subsidization, and providing administration. The service works with other government bodies including the Education Review Office, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and Learning Media Limited. These were some responsibilities of the Ministry of Education. But now, we will discuss some other points and laws that are not following this system. There are many problems and reasons I have noted whereby they have acted irresponsibly and have disregarded requests particularly with Intellectual property. It seems like the economical priorities are higher than the rules and regulations which should be fair, this idea I can’t separate from corruption. Ministry of Education should solve the issues of teachers and consider the distribution and creation of media from students. I think this will be an important step in 2019. A specific issue for the elective government are the schools that utilize relatives or belief systems. In light of a legitimate concern for the public which ought to be welcoming multiculturalism and not favoritism; this is controversial in the event that one hopes to manage ethics and making unprejudiced arrangements to achieve improvements in the system. At first, I thought they have a good education system and have good resources. Or that the intent of education is to be hardworking and responsible. But, it seems like the government has a lack of resources, hence, a lack of law. They don’t give priority to the welfare of the general public and it is looking difficult to resolve this issue. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of education to guide the teachers with regard to the policies and their responsibility. No one is dealing with these issues directly. It should be the system’s job to investigate it, without being preferential to anyone while watching out for the welfare of the people. Thanks.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Education Council in New Zealand

The Education Council has been renamed the “Teaching Council of Aotearoa”, New Zealand. The enactment and procedure used to set up council were in a general sense imperfect. So, here I want to share with you my experience as a student reporting cheating by teachers. I am not satisfied with this council. It appears someone is creating obstacles or corruptions that are allowed by the council openly. Individual issues or character predisposition does not have a place in the education system. This is totally against the rules of education. Everyone has an equal right in this system. So, discrimination, cheating, and participation with drug dealers should effectively be dis-allowed in every education system. On the off chance that a principal is not present in her office, it should not be pardoned in the education system, middle person or vice principal is adequate in their absence, I addressed all these. So, in order to audit performance or ability, there should be an acknowledgment of proof, grievances, and articles which were at that point offered, I got many void words. One can’t know these laws exist without prior advice. A weakness is anything relating to an educator’s physical or emotional well-being or identity that may adversely influence their capacity to instruct skillfully and securely. It could lead to things such as allowing illicit drug use in schools as a result of an emotional issue. In these cases, there is a weakness of the procedure to evaluate. I accept both the ombudsman and NZQA delegate encouraged to contact this element once the verification was given. Presently another worry I realized on returning to this particular issue is the 20 days period for collating, it is quite a while. Thus, the record keeping is really bad and it needs to be addressed as it is important to the issue. Hopefully, a resolution will be found to all these.

Human Rights Commission: New Zealand

As we all know Human Rights are a unique and very important topic and law in the world. "The Commission was formed in 1977 and currently functions under the mandate of the Human Rights Act 1993. The Office of the Race Relations Conciliator was consolidated with the Human Rights Commission by an amendment to the Human Rights Act in 2001". We will discuss the law of Human Rights in New Zealand. There is an absence of rights and extremely long postponements, sometimes, as long as seventy days which seems unchangeable. To resolve this issue, one must address the present problems, whether it is dishonesty or unfairness, a resolution without investigation in New Zealand - so that it is possible to resolve these issues properly. The standard laws also do not work for these issues which bias people on the basis of social and economic factors according to the ministry of the education system. I think anyone who is working under this body is in the authority of dealing with the Education Council, so we should be able to agree, because, I raised concerns about cheating and breaking of rules - These actions were not allowed in Tamaki College. So everyone should follow the rules and take action on Human Rights and legal Representations. If I tell you honestly, trustworthiness is the judgment of character. First, there is an absence of taking action on this type of issues and then, OHRP is not taking my case seriously and making it more and more complicated with regard to getting charged for over-payments. But recently 23rd February, we were totally clear about that because it had been sourced as evidence, so after a very long method, one can see these issues for what they are. Notwithstanding that, there is an enthusiasm to decide these outcomes and realize the reality. Furthermore, other complaints were sent to the HRC whereby I never noticed any effort or actions regarding those cases. Up to this point, the files from the main case at the disputes tribunal alluded to HRC and that is being looked into for a later date in the light of the fact that there are various non-recorded dates. In spite of all this, I was advised there was a procedure to follow in getting the high court to get rid of these requests – but the truth of the matter is that the long-time frame from the source of these protest isn’t productive.

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

No one is perfect - not every system is perfect. We find many problems in many systems. So here are some problems that I have observed about this education system and I want to share some of this information, so don’t see it from a negative perspective. I went to this school to finish some work and almost did finish my work before the mid-year. This was necessary because of some problems. But, I observe there is a lack of experience in the Open Polytechnic. On the off chance that one law is practiced that ought to be imitated over the social structure for self-assertive grounds. They have some few problems in the background where students can share examinations on different websites and have an edge using the internet. And such rules would be no different than students purchasing a copy of notes or exams papers. I also searched for some test paper from Google and every student can search for this type of content. I remember the admin said something along the lines of “ it’s ok to share your exam and it is not against the rules” but if a person copied another individuals content this is totally against the rules. So this was all about some illegal points that are happening in this education system. Thank you for reading.

Massey University: New Zealand

In hindsight of the education problem in the Agricommerce from Massey University, I will be straight to the point about the situation of things. Some members of administration from this university are un-holistic encompassing perspectives which are not advocated. There is no serious human rights and equitable measures in this university. The schooling does not think about the liabilities of their own responsibility. Nor are they mindful of the bias issues that develop when there is a contradiction, subsequently, it is imperative not to mistake commitments as acts. They don’t care about the irrelevant activities, the system blunders ought to offer specialized help, not words, and the verbal understandings in regards to instructive prerequisite ought to compensate. They don’t care about the illness of anyone and do not understand other people’s problem instead they use their logic to deny. Just note at this point, the district health board forms are in accordance with the legislature in this country. They just focus on the academic material and a large portion of time management on it. It is not enough, they also need technical advisers to manage and fix the bugs on their systems. The main flaw is the lack of equality and the fact that they give different priorities to ages for admission. There is likewise a lot of transference & bigotry. May this article be an establishment for straightforwardness.

Interesting Discussion by a Student from Tamaki College: New Zealand

I will discuss cheating and injustice – So, one must have the humility to come clean about such issues. There was a gathering from the education board, they just address this less imperative issue, so I've incorporated the photograph and I will address this one issue in opposition to this guideline to recognize the effect on Education. I told the vice principal providing inspection on different issues-to take responsibility, to deal with those issues without anyone else interference, in which he responded that it happens in each school. I review on the day the instructor said I should return home, a girl was stating to the teacher, you are so generous for cheating - Cheating is not good. Additionally, she wouldn't like to listen, I can't give this other individual's book back, she mentioned I return it. Hospitality Standards Institute presumably passed up one book or has a copy. In any case, I was not interested in hearing anything else on this issue. Nevertheless, there is an obligation for character to ensure truth from start of schooling to the end. Nonetheless, there were different understudies that focus on these issues, this is sufficient truth. I don’t like cheating, so I prefer to fail honestly. Ideally, the notice from the Education Council in regards to cheating was satisfactory to improve conventions as demonstrated by the law. I offered to return the booklet as proof for the cheating; however, they didn't need it due to resource problems. Next, I had uncovered a couple of unlawful issues - the one I am most concerned about is cheating. The art teacher insincerely communicated it was accomplished before my leave however that was not the case. Before long, she offered to lay the art which is part of the marking criteria - She clarified by explaining a false story or self-made story. She changed the internals and externals. Thanks to you and much love.

Interesting Facts about Health and Disability Commissioner: New Zealand

 Who are they? Do you want to know about the Health and Disability commissioner? They settle complaints between doctors & government agencies. Certain complaints might be formally explored by HDC. You reserve the privilege to object if in case you’re not satisfied with the health-related services received. You complain legitimately to the specific medical expert or you can raise the issue with HDC who would in turn act as an ombudsman and take care of the issue. However, we will discuss the health and disability commissioner of New Zealand. On checking the reviews, we found some complaints about HDC. HDC works under incomprehensive abstract & unyielding generalizations; we noticed the lack of will to acknowledge substantial lawful requisites under the law which is not constrained to a single statute. Near-fatal incidents are not a little matter for a government agency, it ought to be managed with adequate control to guarantee security. In the matter of education system, HDC must take health and disability issue of the people seriously. It is clear that the unofficial advocacy was not a part of HDC, they just want to destroy the policies and rules and regulations of HDC. If you take a view on this issue, there is no physiological disorder or any kind of mental disorder, it is just intellectual nonsense. This issue should be applicable to those parties who’ve advised leaving the court for this body. So it is to some degree strange that certain parties don’t know about the law when they’ve countered the jurisdictions and vehicle incident with arbitrariness making an obstacle. Denials by the management are not acceptable because it is unjustified for the people. There is no need for the nonsense. One just needs serious doctors that take serious action in their profession - they must be an expert and specialist.