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It is my view that schools essentially choose & create their own standards, there is no regulation. You would never see a doctor trained for only 8 weeks as in the case of teachers or accept a surgeon trained in say Liberal Art. Thus there must be some uniformity for both teachers and students curriculum for the qualification to have credibility.

Interesting Discussion by a Student

I will discuss cheating and injustice So, one must have the humility to come clean about such issues.

There was a gathering from the education board, they just address this less imperative issue, so Ive incorporated the photograph and I will address this one issue in opposition to this guideline to recognize the effect on Education.

I review on the day the instructor said I should return home, a girl was stating to the teacher, you are so generous for cheating - Cheating is not good.

I offered to return the booklet as proof for the cheating; however, they didnt need it due to resource problems.

Next, I had uncovered a couple of unlawful issues - the one I am most concerned about is cheating.

The art teacher insincerely communicated it was accomplished before my leave however that was not the case.

Part 3 - Pisa

With Tamaki College, I have found the leaders hold inclination toward relatives, and expansion of their own way of life. Each country has its own social norms and we must know & follow the law wherever we live. Nepotistic majority rule works around the laws of the Government. Democratically this is bad for justice and negates what the majority of the nation has decided upon. The essence of the inequality issue at Tamaki is disciplinary issues because as is well documented with nepotism there becomes favoritism for relative or a relative of another teacher. And as is the case for which I am aware there are many teachers who are let go by the school & not given any reason.

Even before they select their leaders I overheard they already know who will be selected, but they must follow procedure this reminds of the corrupt and democratic procedures they use in Singapore – this is why I had not bothered enrolling it is the nepotism that undemocratically makes this elitist condition. It also appears that the problems are systemically going down the line towards admissions & becoming a multi-generational problem.

In any case other individuals who are related demonstrate a bad habit for example Vice Principal at Tamaki College and HoD Maths at Tamaki College are related. It would also appear that Head of Music & Tamaki College Art Teacher are related. It appears to be that every one of these instructors or students is connected e.g. Year 12DEAN and Head of Learning Support. Also noted was a relation between maths teacher and past vice principal.

In New Zealand’s democracy, bloodlines & common connections for the common people when used in matters affecting the public should not have any advantage. I know of two individuals there may be more who studied are connected with Laidlaw College and instructors of similar nations the connection to a certain denomination suggests that there is a fundamental partiality.

It is possible these are random occurrence, but more likely on analysis would be demonstrative of an undemocratic and unlawful favoritism Additionally I need not bring up the statutes which imply it is criminal what they allow. They say it occurs in every school this partially is true for a select few but often the schools are not made aware in larger schools and there is a huge population bias whereby larger schools have bigger problems, smaller schools from my understanding of politics should have higher literacy fewer problems but it is the reverse.