Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ministry of Education - Partners

The ministry needs to cut ties with exploitative partners and private entities who engage in hacking. Ministry has continued to direct me to the principals of their college - this is not a matter to discuss with them because they are complicit in these things. By the same standards it would be like raising all the illegal movies they stream in their english classes to teach their educational standards people simply do not care about laws that is why they do it in the first place thus it encourages continuation.The Ministry of education appears to have absolutely no power over it's public schools. Ministry of education allows private software companies started at pt England and a philanthropist to dictate, access & control the lives of many individuals without permission - it is like a slavery. Therefore it should be the ministry of education's job to sanction these schools -The intention of mentioning this is to prohibit it completely - I believe the ministry needs to be more aware of the laws in its schools. The same way I mention to the Vice Principal, students should not be selling drugs. Or I discourage students crossing the road and using Pt England reserve as a recreational smoking area. Likewise ministry won't take responsibility for its own principals and their complicity or their role with private companies introducing spyware into the school system - In fact, I'd be interested in how Hapara works because I think it is no different than the way identity thieves & keyloggers secretly compromise Linux and similar technologies without permission - I say this because the minute I have installed private systems which have been purchased with my business computer then all actions by fusion to willfully compromise civil property is a breach. I attend school for education not to have eaves dropping software installed, a new system exploiting the weakness of privacy laws in NZ, or a system breaking consumer rights, and introducing vulnerabilities by downloading Linux, chromium over windows In order to obtain unwarranted access is unjustified. If it were a national censorship program then every students' data would be going to the ministry of education including irrelevant information to comply with rules and regulation. Under the ministry of education the vice principal somehow has the ability to coerce the computer repair person whose working under an independent entity to then install a compromised system - this is a threat to democracy if there are people operating a laissez-faire system independent from our national laws. Thus forcing me to use their hapara network which is private and open not developed by NZQA should not be allowed - I think with tech companies partnering with the ministry of education they need to aggregate their data and allow client to opt out before they impose such things and damage property. When getting people to abide by national obligations there should only be one unified system thus if the private entities break the law within their schools the crown should prohibit it from reoccurring.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pt England - New Zealand

As I lived in the zone I studied at pt England, which was a legal right and obligation as it is part of the public sector - but I later found the same teacher in this school have introduced the same private software into other compulsory schools including an prior intermediate and college - which I have come to view as not being democratic change to the public laws but the result of imposing individual motivations such as philanthropist who have contributed money - & the track record for tech companies offering philanthropy has not necessarily been in the interest of the beneficiaries . As we are forced to attend public schools, one risks reduction in education by attending pt England due to imposed & self-serving philanthropic efforts which not only breach civil rights but fundamentally change the right to a fair education in New Zealand. You simply cannot take advantage of opportunities which are not provided - Their schools impose technologies which have uncertain outcomes sometimes positive and many times negative, if there is the slightest risk of causing inequality it must be prevented. Pt England was surprisingly a very good school because their teachers are not involved in cheating and the focus is education. Sadly, their progress does not lead on to other schools - and leaders of Pt England have reached out to nearby schools and provided the software's from private entities for cheating and civil rights breaches to occur. To me personally what this school has created is somewhere in between communism, trade unions, and reverse racism all of these have been shown in other low performing OECD countries to create background based inequality, so in a like manner everyone in the schools cluster suffer equally and because New Zealand is not a communist country this is systemically unfair. To understand economics, we have to realize that it is not a science- thus the basis of academic achievement based on money are not necessarily valid - Hence capable students from such Pt England clusters are not having any consideration in line with high social-economic schools due to stereotypes, averages, and social constructs being applied to generalities.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Fusion Networks NZ

I would construe the conduct of fusions engineers as hacking. Hacking is defined as, "the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer". In civil matters there is a legal boundary for precedent based privacy and damaging property. Fusion installing software and irreplaceably damaging property by the reformatting drive with cloud based chrome without notices undermines civil and consumer rights. Let us consider the legalities of a repair person accessing, deleting and replacing digital property for which they are not permitted it appears to be overreaching. To prevent security risk this company needs to consider consumer rights - You cannot just blame the vice principal there are individual obligations when a device is provided to the engineer. By replacing & introducing systems & extensions without consent on private property which originally came in with windows - I assume it needed driver updates to cope with the weak manaaikalani wifi, a new system would appear to be unjustified that is like bringing in a secure Macbook and fusion returning a Chromebook I do not think that is allowed. In cases where individuals' damage data from a private property and compromise a system the owner must have some insight or be compensated.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Tamaki College - Freedom of Christianity

Tamaki college must work upon religious freedom or what is in Tongan culture called Faka'Apa'Apa '. Their career adviser or tutor said to me that I don't really believe in Christianity - to imply that I do not have faith is offensive. Teachers kept on scrutinizing my way of life and morals to deflect from matters of the public & illegal teacher conduct I have the right to ethics to control my environment if illegal behavior occurs. Their career adviser went on insulting my religion implying I do not really believe in those people hammering out the Bible in the stones and Maui which is not even part of the bible. In fact personal cultures and religion shouldn't be in the the school syllabus - it should not be promoting a culture of racism endorsed by the NZQA - They may deny it but many dogmatic beliefs in the education resources from cultural scholars are just a guise for cultural-racism. All state funded teachers must be welcoming to different religion and culture not just stereotyped interpretations of culture. They abuse the use of career advisers, they likewise sent their medical adviser it is a waste of government funds they teach me nothing and provide me nothing, and they do not respect the cultural response I'd given - Such people must accept no - they figure I am to conform to a social construct which would otherwise compromise my religion - if ethics are seen as maladaptive then it is unjustified to impose those dogmatic secular convictions. In any case, if they are to impose career advisers, and counselors they must do their duty not seek motivations which have consequence hence should be prohibited - they cannot waste my time and tell me they don't get paid enough - With their specialist hiding behind confidentiality I went through the list of names and discovered it was the same individual causing havoc- these motivations are unjustified manipulation of the system - such intrusive dealings cannot be tolerated under the human rights act.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Massey University Albany Review

First of all please inform the Massey University staff, teachers, & customer service help desk how to read a map they had guided to me incorrect places. And first impressions on this campus are of utmost importance.Now I shall review the first two papers and the entropy it had in line with the latter. There are exceptions to the law for reasons when people are unfit to complete Degree as a result of reasons beyond what is feasible. My examinations due to the protocol were undermined from the Start date to the End date in Massey Albany.One must consider capacity in line with abilities. And I feel it is an excessive charge for assignment criteria which had no possibility to be completed beyond any reasonable doubt. I later found that I hadn't passed as of reasons outside our human ability to control, for example, ailments. I am greatly offended by the secretary and consultants I strongly believe Accidents, Illness and Negligent action should not be attributable to the victims. My Student Allowance and Student Loan were greatly affected - Due to discrimination there was not the will to assess whether I had passed four papers I had been working on in total in accordance with protocols & equitable measures for health reason. Now I confess I had not given the supporting proof as mentioned, we can completely blame the ministry of justice for this action whose withholding of information is preventative of due process - As a result of Massey Universities handlings Student Allowance was declined and overpayment and tax was charged. The true reason for all the negative outcomes was on the grounds that I was debilitated as a result of a group of specialist so the likelihood of he said she said statements from Massey is extremely low. Due to very discriminatory decisions which lead to damage of Student Allowance I feel Massey University has some responsibilities to the recuperation to ensure all of it's crown obligations. Student Allowance resettlements should be provided by the Massey University due to the inflexible misleading procedures in place. As a student, I had been misdirected and told about a derived grade capability due to sickness. Thus my knowledge toward study link was undermined when inquired as to whether I passed the greater part of my tertiary course was still being processed I undoubtedly had to say yes due to the work completed to be derived. As regards to the outcomes it is simply not possible to know what measures are in place to deal with sickness, but it appears that there is no such measure for health and disabilities in Massey university - I had been completely transparent when I prompted that I did not yet know the outcomes of my unfortunate incidences of malpractice, thus there are legal obligations supposed to be in place- Also noted reasons with regard to Massey University are because of research issues the work was not possible to be completed around the same period Massey unveiled a new system which prevented logins. Most importantly, as the scriptures say we shall forgive not draw conclusions- Now how Massey makes relationship might be an issue I just see sickness but Massey arbitrarily have just created a unrelated correlation - – to make attribution to that which is of another nature is not valid - Indeed when the school misdirected me to write a thesis on Media violence it was one of the conclusions that there was no correlation.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Tamaki College - Undemocratic law

There is a need to protect privileged information getting into the wrong hands, but this school doesn't respect any of these stances.
Actually they wish to scrutinize everything without democratic interests, hence character bias.
The problem with character bias in such cases, it is built upon privileged disclosure which are not matters pertaining to the individuals involved or the context for which they are raised, so we must have sight of the relevant issues of the public.
The implications correlated with public law whether or not civil laws and personal & potential damages are of great concern - still these matters weigh heavily on the public whose tax funds pay the incomes of these teachers.

Tamaki College - Truism

The defamation & ideas put forward in the past by principal and vice principal injure other entities who take actions upon their cheated & false academic progress as if it were a truism.

The law does not only apply to students because there are many instances where teachers intentionally do not perform up to the standard.

We cannot allow any imposed professional operating outside the legal framework to draw assumptions using their position to fulfill their own predispositions.

If I ignore unrelated technical and resource issues still there is the ongoing implication from the college – as for the errors by other entities they are more or less interfering with a due process.

Tamaki College - Denial to Adversity

What kind of teachers can deny if you see a person whose high?
Is it then possible to deny?
I don’t think so English teachers & Vice Principals. They’ve been at the school much longer than me they will be more aware.
Reputation is adverse to the reality and it allows what is called a cause to multiply that is because everything experienced by everyone is flowing from the initial circumstance whether or not it benefits a few and disadvantages many.

Tamaki College - Tertiary Judgment

First I must look to who committed closest Cause with regard to the “tertiary issue”.
Is it those giving the funding, or those giving medical documents for college equity or is it just the school that cheats and encourages illegal activity then goes on denying whenever it suits them.
With the Consequences - I shall start by saying there will be no second event if there is no first event to have occurred.
It is a reasonable judgment for me to raise claim to things objectionable to my views of what justifies a healthy environment when consequence occur due to teachers and leadership.

Tamaki College - Apartheid

In Tamaki College you see students crossing the road regularly to smoke drugs in my street - but it appears they have taken inspiration from Donald trump and begun construction of a wall – this is not the solution building a gated school.
I cannot emphasize enough the need to promote efficiency and fairness of all sides - but in civil arguments where authority is used to get an upper-hand unrelated to drugs or cheating, which are ongoing matters in their school - then this is a privacy breach to benefit only the schools agenda.
I feel they look at the context and deny the issue. Problems of culture you must be looking directly into the legal cause because actions are correlated with outcomes.
Implications are closely attributable to the school & the situational apartheid framework for which it encourages.

Tamaki College -Legal privilege

At this college privileged information is gossiped through out the school - I found myself attending a school hearing of past students personal problems. I do not wish to hear such funerals and things not concerning my education.
Intrusive counselors brought problems to me who did not understand the definition of "No". The meetings arranged to bypass my individual rights should welcome "No" – I do not wish to hear from people who encourage cheating & drugs.
With regard to their therapist, she is too clingy - They do not understand a boundary - Worse they don't confess the people making such orders or that absurd "workaholic" conception. It is as if I have to interrogate them just to get this information out – In the future I do not think that it is lawful to impose yourself in the manner Tamaki college implements which is just stalking.
We must consider what is 'legal' & what is ‘Factual’. They shouldn’t deny what they see around them.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tamaki College - NZQA Manipulations / Tertiary Outcomes

Tamaki College has been putting their resources not into gradual valid improvement but manipulating the system - In this manner Higher pass rates are coming out, but university level outcomes are much less likely to be attained. Students will soon realize how short they are credited for the formal criteria in higher education. The schools outcomes weigh heavily on teachers - some students have passed assignments I never witnessed ever being taught, so I suspect connections being another key value. I question if there is any need to attend the schools at all - if success requires one, to paraphrase exemplars & other students work -  thus it seems to be the case that more comments and revisions is the only requirement to increase ones overall success under the NZQA framework.

Tamaki College - Instructor Incentives

The focus is modern technology that I oppose for the preservation of educational integrity. Tamaki college has in most cases done away with books vs rich schools which offer the latest books. New Zealand instructors are now able to tolerate cheating more than ever - these consequences are enabled by technology and peer review which is dependent on the credibility of individuals - so with the advance of NZQA pupils are passing without the ability to perform particularly where there is an incentive to get results.I'm sure this is an academic  catastrophe to the quality of students education. As it is L3 NCEA is not enough and most will be incapable of entering a full-time course or attaining student allowance in any NZ University or Polytechnic. In order to achieve equality & provide opportunity for improvement a school that receives more funding should offer what richer schools are offering. They should not compromise the compulsory element of schooling with radical beliefs.

Tamaki College - Radical Curriculum

Optimism is too much - There is a problem created because the school is too ambitious and wants to implement radical schemes not in the interest of the country or the pupils advancement but the schools own agenda.
From what I saw many people in Tamaki college turn up to class and do nothing - they open a google doc or two particularly when the tourist are visiting to show the great work being done.

As I've discovered recently individuals giving Legal advise, or explaining demands from government agencies, or school advisers acting out of compassion are almost scapegoated with the task of compensating the issues and obligations created by Tamaki college. In spite of my UE only being short of 5 painting credits due to procedure - if this notion is put to the side tamaki still remains a school that teaches the basics only to their most elite.

 I actually don't know what is being shaped in the school they are turning out fewer university entrance students in order to demonstrate improvement - it would appear to be fake  - in fact if we compare with people attending higher decile schools from day 1 the lack of UE is largely a choice and not due to curriculum and economic stigmatizing.

Tamaki College - Elitism & Tertiary Education

Their education is a game without educational merit.

This poor school not only instates a second layer of elitism using public funds, but exclude certain people who do not conform - they operate like a competitive sport not like a compulsory education system.

NCEA from this school served me no purpose except to fulfill their criteria.

Much disagreement with tertiary admissions which ultimately enrolled me based on age can be avoided simply by not attending this school in the first place.

Tamaki College - Moral turpitude

Moral turpitude -  I shall conclude that in my case I would have been better off applying to university without completing Tamaki College, or better off applying having not attended the education which has compromised my studylink criteria other oxymoron methods of entrance without this school include; extracurriculars, age, or race as opposed to re-asserting their cheated NCEA qualifications. The standard of education they are providing is just too low.

For a long duration the school never offered any consistent option for literacy based classes so I greatly suffered academically with their electives excluding me. Their curriculum was crowded. Also I'd taught myself to write at Merit Excellence level so I question the value of teachers and their prejudgments in fact their role was to fulfill formalities for marking.

Also, religiously I do not want to judge but I was somewhat not able to understand their virtues of materialism, pride, and stereotypes - Statements like "Money is something we all understand" - it seems to be that communist virtues of Money & Progressiveness is at play.

The school is also too preoccupied with materialistic goals that I think they have lost sight of how to teach students as best they can.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tamaki College - Ministry of Education

Under the NCEA there are students who pass by the skin of their teeth with subjects which have no cohesiveness. These same students would fail in any other international education system.
In a compulsory education system student should be given mobility to deny as oppose to a school imposing the continuity & cycle of poverty which ignore ones personal education.
It should also be the duty of the ministry of education to manage cheating and conduct of educators with respect to their obligation.

Tamaki College - Compulsory Education

I have found that trusts, education systems, schools owned by stakeholders are no different from self-serving business which put their initiatives above the bigger picture of what happens after students leave the school. In many cases there seems to be no difference between the corrupt private entities and the charitable entities. We should not elect more people to give away the core elements of democracy & order in the education system. Proper consent must be made between the trusts & the individuals it is a compulsory education that one is not willingly attending so they deserve rights.

Tamaki College - Cultural Partiality

A real worry for these individual schools are they are lacking ability to understand other cultures they should invite multiculturalism and not partiality. For a fact I have experienced myself not attending trips and still being expected to attend despite teachers also leaving for trips. Certain cultural events which also are exclusive hence favoritism. And various customs which are acceptable but should not breach ones own views & education.

Tamaki College - Hereditary Social Class

There was likewise catch-up and extra measures which feed into the cheating issue misrepresenting the progression of students. Everything that non government entities get a hold of cannot be in the interest of the whole country- schools should not encourage nepotism to bring in their relatives or attract businesses this is just not how democracy is supposed to operate. If the trust conceded that there were students who could do as good if not equal in spite of race and money their initiative would be in vain & funds from business partners would be wasted. In my experience socio-ecconomics is the barrier if we are going to predict their future based on things you cannot choose.
 - It is these same views of inferiority leading to reduction in literacy & numeracy which judge people on where you live, income or race this has nothing to do with ones ability to perform- and it limits people based upon these birth factors. It is no different than the modern institutions which formed the caste system in india.

Tamaki College - Government Agency

On the off chance that one finishes the test with another persons contributions, at that point it isn't justified thus it should not be upheld. The education council I must say is not a good a government agency as it allows the corruption to occur based upon votes. Since when does inability prove that some school is guilt free it just does not. I have only a book from the day and the resources in my bag from my schooling this is all that I could possibly have recorded.

Tamaki College - Integrity

In terms of the education councils handling - How can I be happy with a committee who tells me things which are adverse to reality, who give recognition to a qualification which isn't done by me.
Who deny individuals who've confessed cheating.
I have exemplified a case of cheating, providing a case from catering I reviewed it in all respects, but individuals from the school wish to keep denying.
I've yet to be made aware of any outcome being taken against such people partaking in these illegal activities but with my cheated level 1 & 3 nzqa having no legitimacy it appears nzqa is not in the interest of integrity of their own standards.

Tamaki College - Education

What is the education??
A teacher has enabled individuals to cheat.
Students were effectively talking about cheating, so I would not recommend parents bring their children to tamaki college.
Based off my experience as a student exposing the deception by instructors to the education council - I can honestly say that this council is not beneficial to society for not ending the problem.

Tamaki College - Social Class

I think the leaders of this school must realize with redistribution that this concept they are using to correct inequality increases the gap between middle class and the poor.
There should not be greater inequality gap between middle class and lower class.
The values of this school go against the principles of education & I am ashamed to have attended this school - the caste system of india was created much in the same way these trust have been institutionalizing social classes making it harder for disadvantaged people particularly the poor to have mobility as democracy is in theory suppose to allow people choices.
I remember especially in the lobby of one of these classes that individuals would talk about the cheating while the instructor was there, so she is aware.

Tamaki College - Tertiary Implication

The students are the ones who will bear the brunt at the tertiary level if things go on this way.
My personal statement for tamaki college is they need to absolutely stop cheating in all its forms. I think there is fundamental problem when people are trying to combine altruism and business which is a self oriented field- Similarly I am against certain institutes in nz which exist for the soul reason of making money for the stake holders and exaggerate results which come from other manipulations.
Whether you are the student, teacher, principal or civil servant we should all be given universal rights & personal liberty - we cannot have people getting ahead at the expense of the most disadvantaged.

Tamaki College - Protocols

I have been witness to extraordinary instances of instructors cheating or lying for students in public class rooms whereby an educator effectively enabled students to cheat.
Is it right for schools to participate in cheating or break perceived protocols and is this a sign of weakness in the nzqa framework.
Is it right for educators to allow their students the ability to cheat??
Last but not least we must ask if my own exams have made it possible for this to occur does nzqa and schools have the appropriate methods to validate the exams they are receiving which would lead to penalties against educators.

Tamaki College - Criminal offenses

Academia is supposed to be a taught based upon skill. It is not suppose to be based upon blood lines or institutionalized stereotypes or on demographic which prohibits social mobility. I can say for certain the procedures used in the school were partly democratic, but this type of democracy is the type used in corrupt countries whereby the procedure is followed but personal motivations are the priority. The key issues I witnessed was racism which is nationwide & global problem not only in this nation but many others. It is unfair to categorize people by demographics. Next cheating by students and teachers, and third Drug dealing these all ought to be dis-permitted in schools. Tamaki college and other low decile schools welcome this behavior openly but it is a criminal offense thus such views cannot be permitted to preserve the culture of other students.
More so I have issue with teachers giving individuals the ability to copy down the test answers, participating in cheating, or looking the other way, what this is telling me based on my knowledge is new zealand teachers are really helping individuals to cheat.

Tamaki College - Government Education

I think the state of education as it stands affects the quality. For improvement the government must enforce a central authority to unify and bring about conformity. A particular issue for the government is the schools which employ relatives or cheat the system without providing the educational component. Likewise I don't know the legality of nepotism hiring relatives from neighboring schools, bringing students from neighboring schools to fulfill certain influential positions - but it is the tax payer which covers the fees which democratically isn't in the interest of personal opinion & connections.

Tamaki College - Human Rights

First, what is the true motivation of equity - It is supposed to be taking from the top to the detriment of them and offering it to the most disadvantaged. What trusts are doing are taking from the disadvantaged and giving to the a select few in the same class structure, while manipulating the nzqa framework to meet their own needs. Those born into bad demographics are not given an opportunity to move up the ladder as a result of preconceived social constructs. It appears as though the legislature has an absence of resources to implement what is lawful in light of human rights. Consequently, it is an absence of law, thus corruption.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ministry of Justice

On just another typical day in 2017 appeared very threatening Police alleging "suicide" it is no big surprise that I did not wish to come outside to explain the need for due legal process.I feel that I merit the right to deletion of all these outlandish social constructivism stored on the system. We have Armed police sent to me denying the freedom to expressions which I was utilizing to highlight to district court the requirement for "Due Process" not this out of context mischief, metaphor whatever. I had Armed cops who wished to wake me up from my rest & take me from the solace of my home to a psyche-ward. I don't have any idea how such such secular interpretation of suicide can be produced using the unremarkable letters I wrote to detail the long delays, suspended Education, Payments & Ailments which had all arrived at my door step out of sheer luck. They even said they will recommend me to the physician - the man is the same respondent for malpractice civil suit I'm addressing- I had known them for only five minutes whose diagnosis was really to deal with the EFT & workload obligation issue created by the local cheating college as well as meeting the new demand of studylink & tertiary institutes. I feel I am legally Entitled to receive transparency about facts unless there is a reason I am unaware of for rights to information from Ministry of Justice under, "The Official Information Act 1982" or "Privacy Act 1993". At present I can't seem to get anything within a reasonable time frame unless it is, 3 months, 7 months, and so forth in such period cases are already closed. I observed at the police station that they independently choose what data to scan ignoring statutes. It also depends who you talk to for information to be recorded in their system. They told me they were recording information - but this would not bring about any action at all.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Manaiakalani Education Trust

Privacy laws are here to sustain what is already public. The Trust's implementation of software and internet should not encourage posterity of students images without consent. Likewise schools under this trust should ensure that their digital affiliated schools abide by the privacy bill.
In terms of the vice principal installing software made available by Manaiakalani Education Trust, what I deem this as is an act of illegal spying - constant authorized access to my school email - installation of operating system and tracking extensions over my existing windows which was not a free or cloud based system is another privacy problem.
The trust should follow what is lawful to advance individualism under the privacy bill & intellectual property laws - thus I must have rights to remove my own data. Data which the ministry of education seems oblivious as to the owner -
 Also the schools need to be transparent to the public about their caste system - As mentioned they view the parents as the problem and as a result the outcome is negative due to preconceived negative notions - but as I've found the culture in the schools of welcoming drug dealing, cheating, and misconduct is another causative factor in addition to principals lying to the media or making defamatory statements about the technology when they actually are teaching fewer, lower, irrelevant and inferior standards.
 Thus such entities should realize the need for improvement - Proper consent must be made between the Manaiakalani Education Trust & individuals which should be able to be denied due to the nature of compulsory education. Photos in secret for publication cannot be tolerated as it can be construed as breaching rights thus as with many precedents I view it as illegal when it is used for publications Online or in graduation photos, blogs etc.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Zealand Prejudice toward Health And Disabilities

Okay so now I will discuss discrimination in Massey University and studylink against all people with health and disabilities due to negligence and illness beyond one's control so there have been debts delivered to me overpayments bad credit this is in relation to the student loan scheme and difficulties as a result of attaining the scheme without education, and that education is implicated due to health reasons as a result of implications and discrimination carried forward by colleges onto universities. These problems have occurred and in such case the student allowance was expected to pay off either the student loan debt created by the crown entity or it was expected to attend school not any other reason but when a student has been made incapable of passing a full-time course what results are all these debts. According to the studylink representative a student must pass with a certain number of EFT's the crux of the issue is when the student doesn't have any money or allowance due to studylinks own suspension. Thus compromising any ability to continue the education he is studying and therefore a refund in total is required on account of technical difficulties. Massey had actually implemented some new system which prevented logins as well as other issues occurring at the time such as chicken pox which I speculate originates from Glen Innes particularly the Fijian importations as I had been completely preoccupied with the legal matters - so that this is the only place I could have gained such severe illness. Also the negligence occurring at the time which impacted ones ability to drive or perform academically. Additionally I was awaiting tribunal outcome because that is a legal process to follow for civil matters - And from recollection the letters addressed to me had incorrect details listed, and resulted in suicide police sent to me from a criminal division not the civil Department. The student had implications for attendance to classes and thus continuity was not possible and the law is based on evidence, however Ministry of Social Development the crown entity in charge of Studylink and WINZ still refuses to acknowledge papers which claim technical issues implying their system is faulty. When the student allowance was suspended the work and income is supposed to begin specifically when there is a medical is renwed, if there is a medical for work & income then we should not even be having delays in between student allowance as the work & income comes first but due to automatic problems it does not begin so we are forced to fulfill different obligations miss out on payments and incur implications. Hence different demands and the course would appear to be discriminatory in light of evidence provided by hospitals demonstrating the severity of chickenpox & with respect to the consequences of doctors who act negligently. In fact the symptoms I experienced I did not feel that constituted a chickenpox but they had told me this is Adult chickenpox it's much more severe. I had been informed of derived grades according to the schools and the doctors who are supposed to make such decisions on my behalf and take accountability but it is presumed that everyone is aware of the Bill of Rights. Likewise WINZ is not my problem but they are supposed to provide the charity while I deal with these actual issues and as a result of them denying the tech issues which I in the photograph there are implications to accessing the automated system whereby payment is legally entitled to be back paid without further fees you.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tomorrow's Schools New Zealand 2019

I will discuss cheating and injustice So, one must have the humility to come clean about such issues. There was a gathering from the education board, they just address this less imperative issue, so Ive incorporated the photograph and I will address this one issue in opposition to this guideline to recognize the effect on Education. I review on the day the instructor said I should return home, a girl was stating to the teacher, you are so generous for cheating - Cheating is not good. I offered to return the booklet as proof for the cheating; however, they didnt need it due to resource problems. Next, I had uncovered a couple of unlawful issues - the one I am most concerned about is cheating. The art teacher insincerely communicated it was accomplished before my leave however that was not the case.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Nepotism & NZQA

Nepotism seems to be a problem in NZ which is a risk of corruption. Upon reflection many of the teachers in my school were relatives - & out of nowhere they were arriving at the public school I attended with similar affiliations attaining positions of influence i.e instructors are close relatives, students are close relatives or they are friends of relatives, this is far beyond the scope of what can be coincidence. The process for teacher dismissals I suspect is a systematic problem based upon what I've read in news reports with past occurrences, and the events seen with my own eyes, so one must suspect something undemocratic is occurring privately in the government funded public schools. As I have observed for myself the money going to low decile schools goes primarily to teachers not to the improvement of education - I think the only improvement I could recognize was the car park seems to be full of modern cars now . Likewise I feel they are overusing the altruism card and avoiding the full picture- One must just look at poor countries they need only ten dollars for a couple loafs of bread to live but here almost all full time students studying L3 are entitled to student allowance which is more than enough for food and clothes - so I do not buy into the severity of absolute poverty. I've witnessed in person that the Low socioeconomic school I attended recruited lower quality teachers who are not very qualified having attained the rights to teach through a 4 year fast track process in comparison to the High Socioeconomic counterpart which had more senior teachers. On the face of it, I saw a lower quality of education in the poor school, which received more funding. The L1, L2 and L3 were somewhat limited due to their poor foundation and prejudicing. The high socioeconomic school still offered the latest books, classrooms, higher number of classes and use of technology with discretion- the poor school made available 4 classes which was science oriented . Needless to say I found my L1, L2 L3 Qualification to be absolutely irrelevant and full of poor quality cheated grades without preparation, lacking any pathway and validated with random grades like Geometry, Art, & MS Excel based assignments. Due to lack of students they prohibited me on a personal level as I'm aware others got in to the Multidisciplinary Literacy classes I require for order - thus my curriculum was very weak irrelevant & compromised start to finish.

Friday, April 5, 2019

New Zealand Teachers cheating for students

New Zealand teachers cheating for students so with the digital move of NZQA our schools have started to introduce technology in all of their classes YES not just one but all. And I think this has a bad impact on the quality YES thus I would advocate for the tomorrow schools task force to implement hubs YES to centralize some kind of an authority over the standards. Cheating and Drugs and whatever individual Board of Trustees believe they have the power to Authoritate is not justified. Indeed I've read many news articles whereby certain leaders of schools are saying that this is communism - this is a Stalinism - you must just look at what equity is - it is taking from the top at their expense and giving it to the lowest YES so that is in itself a communism. What we currently have is a communism, but what we have right now is we have people who do not want to get rid of marijuana they do not want to get rid of drugs they do not want to get rid of cheating. They wish to maintain and falsify the reputation so that everyone looks good but it does not reflect the reality. Now I shall carry on with the dialogue in my digital oriented college I had seen many small cases of teachers going too far with comments cases whereby my own English essays were being distributed. The extent at which help became excessive was when I had realised the social science teacher, the biology teacher, the English teacher they will know they were providing answers not limiting revisions to protocols which I witnessed at a prior or school YES. When you go to other schools ie howick college and similar schools they have a lot of protocols it may be one revision, two revision it is not five six as many as you like. With the more extreme cases of teachers cheating for students in public spaces whereby a teacher actively allowed students to cheat and I have exemplified this case - this catering case because I recall it very clearly. I have mentioned it many times and people wish to continue denying despite students actively discussing cheating. I recall very much just in the lobby people would discuss the cheating while the teacher was there, so she is obviously very much aware that she has allowed people to cheat. There were also catch up classes and additional standards which would seem to propagate the cheating problem and falsify the integrity of progress in the school. Now whenever there is students who are not catching up they provide additional assignments and those assignments happen to be in those exact classes where I witnessed this behavior, so put one and one together YES. Indeed NZQA had also dismissed an interpretation of an art teacher fulfilling the criteria herself in which NZQA claims it is not a breach of protocol, and which I feel still constitutes cheating because laying and switching art arrangements from external to internal is fulfilling the marking criteria YES so for her to do that she is getting the points herself on behalf of me. It is also unethical to lie to a student. We must realize I had done some nine boards most people they do only three boards I had done nine boards. In all my classes I'd taken this art because I had finished all their work in those classes so I just been doing Art. And even in some of those classes people think that I am I am painting over pictures they don't realize that I had actually sketched those images - art is in a general sense copying, but I had done it so many times layers and layers and layers to be as original as reasonably attainable if people believe in that conception - so she said it was merit in Mid year I believe when I had originally spoken to the Registrar who needed to have that NCEA L3 with or without UE she said okay I will mark it in the holiday break, and still unmarked missing the dealine at the end of the year she said it's a achieve. I had no sleep I had to have a break for overwork I took that achieve and took to my my live she has come and said that this is an absence it's not an absence unfortunately when she called on the telephone I was at a medical appointment YES additionally notions of money and greed are negative motivations for a fair education which should place a key focus on literacy and numeracy YES so the goal for students and teachers should be to make money go further as opposed to making money the orientation. In the Tamaki College they're paying students money to get the merit and the excellence, so they're just encouraging cheating behavior or competition not the actual learning. As a student of Tamaki College I'd witnessed a lot of bragging about bonuses being given to these teachers YES obviously it's a long time I cannot recall all of the contracts provided.I believe there is a a scheme called Stargate or something like that whereby they are providing under educated fast tracked teachers contracts and there are also large bonuses for hods according to them. I don't recall the % but I recall some teacher bragging about making maybe $50 per classroom I think it was a physical education teacher from my recollection - but money being used as incentive for grades is far too competitive, and lacks what is required for genuine change. Money if it is for all teachers in the nation I would totally accept that no doubt money is required, but money being given to people based on demographic on culture racial reasoning one must ask how is that going to affect the education - they are apples and oranges YES and that is just my view . Culture is independent of the individual for us to come and say that everyone is meeting a stereotype you cannot say that. Now because of these false instances of passing academically without any legitimacy the tertiary providers or government entities I deal with on an ongoing basis they are unable to know of the truth so it leads to impacts down the line when prominence is given to cheating. I personally do not want a level1 level2 level3 I would return it to them and they can have it because it has no meaning. It's so full of irrelevant qualification in art and catering and things that I have no interest in academically. More problematic is when cheating forms the foundation of an already disadvantaged community. I think people believe that I am going against helping 250 students or whatever amount but you must understand down the line everything will fall back into place and these people will be disadvantaged YES. You cannot ignore the literacy ignore the numeracy and think that down the line you are going to become doctor, engineer, lawyer. They tried to give me examples they have only one or two examples of that it's not a good enough statistic one or two, and it creates problems down the line for the government. The government is supposed to investigate these things and they have information that is fabricated to look a certain way to show a lot of progress YEAH, but they are not aware that cheating is influencing the passing, the modern tools are not a solution because we are supposed to use the brain as a tool the inner workings. On the computer it is not knowledge. People are dependent and we risk other people or technology doing the working so this is the problem for the NZQA Digital revolution or whatever you call it as with all revolution you never see any great results it is always suffering in the revolution that's what happens. People want positive results you can't get positive results in the reality for everyone, so when implementing a protocol to be unbiased or unprejudiced or use logic or reason which are also concepts then the schools must have integrity. Thank you very much I will end there

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tomorrows Schools Task Force

Parliament produces the parliamentary laws, so I personally don't know what is wrong with the country why there is inequalities. The truth is we do not need these boards of trustees or principals to consider the law, the law it is just the law you cannot decide shall we let this person smoke marijuana, shall we let this person sell marijuana in the Tamaki college - it is not a choice it the law we must follow it and the same applies to prejudice. Someone might come from overseas and when you come here you are forced to assimilate a culture that is not your culture so it is not right there must not be any kind of prejudice we must be able to live in the country and follow the law as it is.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Howick College - Auckland

I would not recommend this school for people from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Judging by the criteria presented to me - a person from a poor school cannot even meet the criteria to their classes despite it being a legal right in the public school system to study where you live. In addition it was difficult for me to ensure my human rights due to snobbery and the government's lack of resources. In view of Howick College there are many admission & elitist prejudices which are based on my prior schools imposed curriculum thus making it unfair to people from different demographics. In light of recent confirmation regarding PISA tests and Inequality one must acknowledge that it is not possible for both school leaders in Howick College and Tamaki College as well as government agencies to hold contradicting evidence to the quality of education. I had already addressed these issues to the ombudsman and ministry of education at the time prior to the task force- & while my previous principal released news regarding poorer schools offering the same education to richer schools – What I discovered at Howick College was not the case - & in line with the PISA tests it demonstrates otherwise with regards to quality of education. As a result, upon arrival at Howick college to continue education in Piano and Science I was greatly at a disadvantage due to the mathematics curriculum imposed from Tamaki College due to a variety of factors & excuses. Likewise there appears to be a double standard created by a Government task force which is also contradicting the NZQA reports. To conclude, I feel School Principals & Boards of trustees are indeed responsible for ongoing prejudicial issue which affects human rights particularly in Howick College.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

ACC New Zealand

In my view, the ACC criteria follow unreasonable premises and deflect accountability. Upon confrontation with the tribunal court, they advised that it be raised with ACC because it is very difficult under their jurisdiction - When it came to raising misadventure with ACC, their criteria had no means to be met- One cannot assert himself to gain such information without causing offence especially when the head office and the doctor in question behave normally and leave on holiday shortly after meeting - there is no austere manner to go about this- HDC was advised by ACC after a very long period passed and raised this case; the order they made was for ETHC to write an acknowledgement letter - there is a need for proper prevention. At the time all I had to deal with were the practices of intolerant GP's & managers.

Work and Income – Glen Innes

The benefit is actually supposed to be what you fall back on when there is a lack of human rights. Having sent the WINZ attachments of medical forms, there should be no problems. However, I endure without entitlements and privileges in my own country, unable to speak due to the unwillingness to accept the truth. I asked to make a call using the landline, I don’t use mobile to send message as I am used to the traditional way of physically writing letters, however, WINZ does not oblige - so I am unaware of my obligations. They say it is not a personal problem but I have not assumed it is a personal problem, If I am told everyone cannot access the automatic system including me, these are tech issues and I believe that wasting time looking for the forms, paying fifteen dollars for a sticker & having to make multiple appointments waiting long periods should be avoided. This is an issue since 2017 and they still aren't fixing it, just de-escalating from their customer service down to their Glen Innes office requiring a long appointment which again ends up being denied.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

New Zealand: Auckland District Court

Let’s discuss some issues in regard to the District Court, as I’ve discussed before in other reviews about many issues in some crown entities, when individuals within a government body do not follow the law, it is totally wrong and people should agree with me, I don't want to let down the value of all these organizations but rules and regulations should be followed by everyone who belongs to this country. So, I just want fairness to all people and want to see that everyone follow all the rules and regulations. I feel there is no regard for privacy in the court, indeed it is repealed under human rights - so to sort out the suicide, the presumption that the police made was never at any point my thought, it greatly affected my dignity and my ethical morals. To infer false assumption against me, notwithstanding the assertion that I am utilizing metaphors for this sort of thing which doesn't appear to have a basis, it doesn't look great on my record. With regards to the 7 months legal process which identified with driving, what I said was, I am dying which implied tiredness, yet, just to clear up in the literal, it holds another definition in the sense that we are all dying. The many months of delays & stress are terrible for a person’s heart. Thus, these breaches in privacy are totally wrong and no one is taking it seriously but there should be a definitive line between departments, which is the point of the privacy commissioner.

Office of the Ombudsman: New Zealand

The Ombudsman handles complaints in relation to crown entities, bringing together connections & official data demands. They additionally do the scope of jobs that go toward ensuring your rights, such as the execution of the UN Disabilities Convention. They give advice, direction, and support government agencies. This was the brief introduction of the Office of the Ombudsman in New Zealand. Now, I want to discuss some main problems involving the Ombudsman. Please don’t take it in a negative sense, I don’t want to spoil the values of this agency or any kind of office or any other organization for my benefit. I am doing this for all those people who need a solution to their problems, who want justice. I just want to reveal some realities about the Ombudsman. As I have found, they have a lot of responsibilities and rules, but some members of this office are not doing their job appropriately. They are just creating blunders and not helping people and this is totally wrong. I’ll speak about this. The ombudsman appeared to be threatening - they continued rehashing similar reasoning such as being at a meeting or similar generalities following two or three weeks of an individual complaining, it appeared there was no possibility to these falsehoods occurring so redundantly. Therefore, I can only speculate that they use statements which are not genuine occurrences simply because it is important that they are at a meeting or doing such and such with the goal that you leave. Inevitably, the mediator was told just to read a statement like a recording device where you couldn't react. So no one is taking these issues seriously. Reluctant to communicate, she rehashed that 2-3 times. At long last, she yelled we don't have to investigate and hung up. What will you say about this type of behavior? It is really disappointing.

New Zealand: Ministry of Health

The Ministry of health leads New Zealand’s health and disability system and has by and large obligations to improve, advance and ensure the health and well-being of New Zealanders. These responsibilities of the Ministry of health include the following; • It is the responsibility of New Zealand's health and disability system to inform the Minister and Government regarding health, disability & government problems. • Legitimately obtaining a perspective of national health and disability services • Giving health advice, data and provision of facilities to assist every single New Zealander. Now, we will review some issues on the Ministry of Health. After a lot of requests, the Ministry of health has been sent a simple request to access NIH information which is public to any practitioner except the client himself. Although, I have legal cases to defend, I am unable to access the evidence coinciding with other crown entities like Open Polytechnic, Massey University, and NZQA. I have found a lot of issues in these cases. As far as anyone knows, these bodies were offering a rapid resolution to fairness, but revealing the issue about health two years before can be quite a hurdle. The time delay is too long when information is required which should be provided under privacy code 1994 to exchange such information back to the crown entities with clarity. Entities who demand these reports for verification and come up short of the knowledge to interpret it. Now, these are all authoritative concerns. Be that as it may, Ministry of Health should get a researcher to compare in due time and the issues I’ve raised which are demands recorded on Dictaphone from a manufacturer who also found this information from Medsafe, that would be the best goals for the individuals who want use a dogmatic rationale and reason, because in the truth verbal understandings between schools ought to be upheld with realities as it is unreasonable or silly for me to attempt and contend these enthusiastic sentiments which appear to be progressively similar to a projection. In light of the fact that there is no interest for certain views and this idea in itself is nothing and has no demand with addressing obstruction to examinations, sickness or social services & commitments.

New Zealand Qualification Authority Racism

NZQA as a proxy for racism -Government reports have found New Zealand as a racist education system where schools manipulate NZQA for personal gain - They have been found to misrepresent their achievement leading to disparity statements were made that the state of education is an apartheid and that the decile system is leaving those who are actually disadvantaged on the side. To avoid parallels with government agencies I will clarify and write a review of NZQA. Inspite of all unjustified inspirations or goals of individuals in control who should be educated and vetted through this framework. From records available this organisation causes issues that transfer and reduce academic achievement due to their lack of intervention according to the NZQA's administrator Frank Moran there is no evidence - when NZQA has been sent a piece of evidence, and when certain articles are rationed by councils who will vote. Whether we consider something as proof depends on the linkage of events there are actually many other issues brought up in this lately if a teacher accepts money for exam results or a school managers cheating case of inappropriately this will be unjustified, and would appear to be morally incorrect if we address other ongoing problems with modern technology as in the case with a teacher finding a plagiarized essay at that stage it must be managed fittingly. In contrast standards do not deter what is ethically correct as I added in my review in earlier years customer services refer to the relationship manager but he alludes back to them so it is going around in circles - They don't have the right people to resolve problems as per the law. Level 3 Visual Art standards 91456 has resulted in my level 3 NCEA lacking in the university entrance by five credits and the art which was sent and reviewed by NZQA hence proof. Therefore it should be possible to derive for appropriate courses on the off-chance that I am NOT in Auckland at that point I can't even receive the evidence so one ought to comprehend the idea of that with a presence of mind or conventionality. There is a teacher who swapped work between the internal and external exams needless to state it is an uncontroversial assignment with very controversial implication the teacher said herself it was merit but had not marked it to comply with open Polytechnic registrar's then it became achieved at the end of the year so at some point the accomplishment it must be sustained as per arrangement. I left so for me to take responsibility for another person's work which is part of the marking criteria is absurd in such case anyone can lay out my work from any assignment. Thank you

East Tamaki Healthcare Discrimination

So east Tamaki health care they are in charge of serving you that is their responsibility. Individuals are accessible to meet and attend to any inquiry one may have this was the case with me following car incident and various physiological outcomes of hard-work. Different individuals from the group may engage so in this case we do not see the doctor we see the head office. Relying upon their necessities and their wishes so you must wait for that long period of time if their doctors want to go overseas then they are gone the rest will refuse, if the head office also wants to also go on holiday they are gone as well so you must wait or halt legal process. 

Nowadays we are seeing the doctors are becoming the drug dealers they are the ones who are providers legally because they are treating all of these dogmatic illness. It doesn't matter what illness, drug is a drug for everyone, and they are all the same when not used appropriately. So along these lines it is understood that east Tamaki health care must permit a GP visitation in certain circumstance, it is an obligation because they are taking the tax payers money - Not refusals as in the case of the manager, and in certain cases where documentation is required to access mediate legal procedures. They may say I have the power to refuse but I will not but with this logic If there is no option at all one must say the choice to see a doctor is not existing. 

So the last statement from the manager may be considered to be Human rights discrimination. Refusal is discrimination in a medical setting. There is also an absence of learning from Past mistakes - when you are treating a patient It is always important to monitor and when something does not go correctly you must discontinue that is how it works. It is not about the talking on and on and on saying this is going to work it has worked on other people the validity is based on ability to see what is happening so that is the problem with this medical facility. 

There is also an absence of Insights and an overflow of issues explicitly when the objective is to accomplish happiness or serenity this is no different from a drug user because happiness is not a medical illness - serenity is not a medical illness, this is not what one can treat. 

When someone comes for an illness whether stress related or from the community that is medical in nature you must treat it. You do not go along the mystical or stereotypical thinking - If we start thinking along the lines of stereotypes and generalities everyone will grow a beard and so forth, but that is not the case we are all unique. 

So I can say if I am there for medical reasons I do not wish to hear the medical rationalization of nothing it does not exist. But for those doctors who wish to take the risks what occurs are Implications and in my case there are implications towards banks, studying, over-payments and this case as has been advised to me discrimination because criteria is relevant irrespective of doctors. Despite not dispensing it is still an important thing for doctors not to make technical errors because there is a regulation set by the government. Now we must still address that issue - So the receipt was a legitimate record of proof as regard to Medsafe and I would also say that is a fair trading act offense to break the regulation with regard to dispensing drugs without efficacy. Both regulatory bodies demonstrated some degree of fault in reading their statutes this is likewise an alternative point of view from the legal advice which was expressly regarding consumer rights and lost salary in regards to misadventure. While tending to the issues raised by ethc whereby a case is made to look a certain way - one must ask what can the paper be used for - those papers from this facility can be used by a pharmacist to dispense an excess of drugs. One must also monitor the health and improvement as the manufacturer implied on an audio recording and discontinue when problems occur.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New Zealand: Ministry of Education

The Ministry's job is to raise the educational accomplishment and decrease inequality. That job is met by individual Boards of Trustees for each public school in the country. The service has various roles -- notifying the government -- handling data, learning resources -- implementing guidelines, subsidization, and providing administration. The service works with other government bodies including the Education Review Office, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and Learning Media Limited. These were some responsibilities of the Ministry of Education. But now, we will discuss some other points and laws that are not following this system. There are many problems and reasons I have noted whereby they have acted irresponsibly and have disregarded requests particularly with Intellectual property. It seems like the economical priorities are higher than the rules and regulations which should be fair, this idea I can’t separate from corruption. Ministry of Education should solve the issues of teachers and consider the distribution and creation of media from students. I think this will be an important step in 2019. A specific issue for the elective government are the schools that utilize relatives or belief systems. In light of a legitimate concern for the public which ought to be welcoming multiculturalism and not favoritism; this is controversial in the event that one hopes to manage ethics and making unprejudiced arrangements to achieve improvements in the system. At first, I thought they have a good education system and have good resources. Or that the intent of education is to be hardworking and responsible. But, it seems like the government has a lack of resources, hence, a lack of law. They don’t give priority to the welfare of the general public and it is looking difficult to resolve this issue. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of education to guide the teachers with regard to the policies and their responsibility. No one is dealing with these issues directly. It should be the system’s job to investigate it, without being preferential to anyone while watching out for the welfare of the people. Thanks.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Education Council in New Zealand

The Education Council has been renamed the “Teaching Council of Aotearoa”, New Zealand. The enactment and procedure used to set up council were in a general sense imperfect. So, here I want to share with you my experience as a student reporting cheating by teachers. I am not satisfied with this council. It appears someone is creating obstacles or corruptions that are allowed by the council openly. Individual issues or character predisposition does not have a place in the education system. This is totally against the rules of education. Everyone has an equal right in this system. So, discrimination, cheating, and participation with drug dealers should effectively be dis-allowed in every education system. On the off chance that a principal is not present in her office, it should not be pardoned in the education system, middle person or vice principal is adequate in their absence, I addressed all these. So, in order to audit performance or ability, there should be an acknowledgment of proof, grievances, and articles which were at that point offered, I got many void words. One can’t know these laws exist without prior advice. A weakness is anything relating to an educator’s physical or emotional well-being or identity that may adversely influence their capacity to instruct skillfully and securely. It could lead to things such as allowing illicit drug use in schools as a result of an emotional issue. In these cases, there is a weakness of the procedure to evaluate. I accept both the ombudsman and NZQA delegate encouraged to contact this element once the verification was given. Presently another worry I realized on returning to this particular issue is the 20 days period for collating, it is quite a while. Thus, the record keeping is really bad and it needs to be addressed as it is important to the issue. Hopefully, a resolution will be found to all these.

Human Rights Commission: New Zealand

As we all know Human Rights are a unique and very important topic and law in the world. "The Commission was formed in 1977 and currently functions under the mandate of the Human Rights Act 1993. The Office of the Race Relations Conciliator was consolidated with the Human Rights Commission by an amendment to the Human Rights Act in 2001". We will discuss the law of Human Rights in New Zealand. There is an absence of rights and extremely long postponements, sometimes, as long as seventy days which seems unchangeable. To resolve this issue, one must address the present problems, whether it is dishonesty or unfairness, a resolution without investigation in New Zealand - so that it is possible to resolve these issues properly. The standard laws also do not work for these issues which bias people on the basis of social and economic factors according to the ministry of the education system. I think anyone who is working under this body is in the authority of dealing with the Education Council, so we should be able to agree, because, I raised concerns about cheating and breaking of rules - These actions were not allowed in Tamaki College. So everyone should follow the rules and take action on Human Rights and legal Representations. If I tell you honestly, trustworthiness is the judgment of character. First, there is an absence of taking action on this type of issues and then, OHRP is not taking my case seriously and making it more and more complicated with regard to getting charged for over-payments. But recently 23rd February, we were totally clear about that because it had been sourced as evidence, so after a very long method, one can see these issues for what they are. Notwithstanding that, there is an enthusiasm to decide these outcomes and realize the reality. Furthermore, other complaints were sent to the HRC whereby I never noticed any effort or actions regarding those cases. Up to this point, the files from the main case at the disputes tribunal alluded to HRC and that is being looked into for a later date in the light of the fact that there are various non-recorded dates. In spite of all this, I was advised there was a procedure to follow in getting the high court to get rid of these requests – but the truth of the matter is that the long-time frame from the source of these protest isn’t productive.

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

No one is perfect - not every system is perfect. We find many problems in many systems. So here are some problems that I have observed about this education system and I want to share some of this information, so don’t see it from a negative perspective. I went to this school to finish some work and almost did finish my work before the mid-year. This was necessary because of some problems. But, I observe there is a lack of experience in the Open Polytechnic. On the off chance that one law is practiced that ought to be imitated over the social structure for self-assertive grounds. They have some few problems in the background where students can share examinations on different websites and have an edge using the internet. And such rules would be no different than students purchasing a copy of notes or exams papers. I also searched for some test paper from Google and every student can search for this type of content. I remember the admin said something along the lines of “ it’s ok to share your exam and it is not against the rules” but if a person copied another individuals content this is totally against the rules. So this was all about some illegal points that are happening in this education system. Thank you for reading.

Massey University: New Zealand

In hindsight of the education problem in the Agricommerce from Massey University, I will be straight to the point about the situation of things. Some members of administration from this university are un-holistic encompassing perspectives which are not advocated. There is no serious human rights and equitable measures in this university. The schooling does not think about the liabilities of their own responsibility. Nor are they mindful of the bias issues that develop when there is a contradiction, subsequently, it is imperative not to mistake commitments as acts. They don’t care about the irrelevant activities, the system blunders ought to offer specialized help, not words, and the verbal understandings in regards to instructive prerequisite ought to compensate. They don’t care about the illness of anyone and do not understand other people’s problem instead they use their logic to deny. Just note at this point, the district health board forms are in accordance with the legislature in this country. They just focus on the academic material and a large portion of time management on it. It is not enough, they also need technical advisers to manage and fix the bugs on their systems. The main flaw is the lack of equality and the fact that they give different priorities to ages for admission. There is likewise a lot of transference & bigotry. May this article be an establishment for straightforwardness.

Interesting Discussion by a Student from Tamaki College: New Zealand

I will discuss cheating and injustice – So, one must have the humility to come clean about such issues. There was a gathering from the education board, they just address this less imperative issue, so I've incorporated the photograph and I will address this one issue in opposition to this guideline to recognize the effect on Education. I told the vice principal providing inspection on different issues-to take responsibility, to deal with those issues without anyone else interference, in which he responded that it happens in each school. I review on the day the instructor said I should return home, a girl was stating to the teacher, you are so generous for cheating - Cheating is not good. Additionally, she wouldn't like to listen, I can't give this other individual's book back, she mentioned I return it. Hospitality Standards Institute presumably passed up one book or has a copy. In any case, I was not interested in hearing anything else on this issue. Nevertheless, there is an obligation for character to ensure truth from start of schooling to the end. Nonetheless, there were different understudies that focus on these issues, this is sufficient truth. I don’t like cheating, so I prefer to fail honestly. Ideally, the notice from the Education Council in regards to cheating was satisfactory to improve conventions as demonstrated by the law. I offered to return the booklet as proof for the cheating; however, they didn't need it due to resource problems. Next, I had uncovered a couple of unlawful issues - the one I am most concerned about is cheating. The art teacher insincerely communicated it was accomplished before my leave however that was not the case. Before long, she offered to lay the art which is part of the marking criteria - She clarified by explaining a false story or self-made story. She changed the internals and externals. Thanks to you and much love.

Interesting Facts about Health and Disability Commissioner: New Zealand

 Who are they? Do you want to know about the Health and Disability commissioner? They settle complaints between doctors & government agencies. Certain complaints might be formally explored by HDC. You reserve the privilege to object if in case you’re not satisfied with the health-related services received. You complain legitimately to the specific medical expert or you can raise the issue with HDC who would in turn act as an ombudsman and take care of the issue. However, we will discuss the health and disability commissioner of New Zealand. On checking the reviews, we found some complaints about HDC. HDC works under incomprehensive abstract & unyielding generalizations; we noticed the lack of will to acknowledge substantial lawful requisites under the law which is not constrained to a single statute. Near-fatal incidents are not a little matter for a government agency, it ought to be managed with adequate control to guarantee security. In the matter of education system, HDC must take health and disability issue of the people seriously. It is clear that the unofficial advocacy was not a part of HDC, they just want to destroy the policies and rules and regulations of HDC. If you take a view on this issue, there is no physiological disorder or any kind of mental disorder, it is just intellectual nonsense. This issue should be applicable to those parties who’ve advised leaving the court for this body. So it is to some degree strange that certain parties don’t know about the law when they’ve countered the jurisdictions and vehicle incident with arbitrariness making an obstacle. Denials by the management are not acceptable because it is unjustified for the people. There is no need for the nonsense. One just needs serious doctors that take serious action in their profession - they must be an expert and specialist.