Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ministry of Education - Partners

The ministry needs to cut ties with exploitative partners and private entities who engage in hacking. Ministry has continued to direct me to the principals of their college - this is not a matter to discuss with them because they are complicit in these things. By the same standards it would be like raising all the illegal movies they stream in their english classes to teach their educational standards people simply do not care about laws that is why they do it in the first place thus it encourages continuation.The Ministry of education appears to have absolutely no power over it's public schools. Ministry of education allows private software companies started at pt England and a philanthropist to dictate, access & control the lives of many individuals without permission - it is like a slavery. Therefore it should be the ministry of education's job to sanction these schools -The intention of mentioning this is to prohibit it completely - I believe the ministry needs to be more aware of the laws in its schools. The same way I mention to the Vice Principal, students should not be selling drugs. Or I discourage students crossing the road and using Pt England reserve as a recreational smoking area. Likewise ministry won't take responsibility for its own principals and their complicity or their role with private companies introducing spyware into the school system - In fact, I'd be interested in how Hapara works because I think it is no different than the way identity thieves & keyloggers secretly compromise Linux and similar technologies without permission - I say this because the minute I have installed private systems which have been purchased with my business computer then all actions by fusion to willfully compromise civil property is a breach. I attend school for education not to have eaves dropping software installed, a new system exploiting the weakness of privacy laws in NZ, or a system breaking consumer rights, and introducing vulnerabilities by downloading Linux, chromium over windows In order to obtain unwarranted access is unjustified. If it were a national censorship program then every students' data would be going to the ministry of education including irrelevant information to comply with rules and regulation. Under the ministry of education the vice principal somehow has the ability to coerce the computer repair person whose working under an independent entity to then install a compromised system - this is a threat to democracy if there are people operating a laissez-faire system independent from our national laws. Thus forcing me to use their hapara network which is private and open not developed by NZQA should not be allowed - I think with tech companies partnering with the ministry of education they need to aggregate their data and allow client to opt out before they impose such things and damage property. When getting people to abide by national obligations there should only be one unified system thus if the private entities break the law within their schools the crown should prohibit it from reoccurring.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pt England - New Zealand

As I lived in the zone I studied at pt England, which was a legal right and obligation as it is part of the public sector - but I later found the same teacher in this school have introduced the same private software into other compulsory schools including an prior intermediate and college - which I have come to view as not being democratic change to the public laws but the result of imposing individual motivations such as philanthropist who have contributed money - & the track record for tech companies offering philanthropy has not necessarily been in the interest of the beneficiaries . As we are forced to attend public schools, one risks reduction in education by attending pt England due to imposed & self-serving philanthropic efforts which not only breach civil rights but fundamentally change the right to a fair education in New Zealand. You simply cannot take advantage of opportunities which are not provided - Their schools impose technologies which have uncertain outcomes sometimes positive and many times negative, if there is the slightest risk of causing inequality it must be prevented. Pt England was surprisingly a very good school because their teachers are not involved in cheating and the focus is education. Sadly, their progress does not lead on to other schools - and leaders of Pt England have reached out to nearby schools and provided the software's from private entities for cheating and civil rights breaches to occur. To me personally what this school has created is somewhere in between communism, trade unions, and reverse racism all of these have been shown in other low performing OECD countries to create background based inequality, so in a like manner everyone in the schools cluster suffer equally and because New Zealand is not a communist country this is systemically unfair. To understand economics, we have to realize that it is not a science- thus the basis of academic achievement based on money are not necessarily valid - Hence capable students from such Pt England clusters are not having any consideration in line with high social-economic schools due to stereotypes, averages, and social constructs being applied to generalities.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Fusion Networks NZ

I would construe the conduct of fusions engineers as hacking. Hacking is defined as, "the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer". In civil matters there is a legal boundary for precedent based privacy and damaging property. Fusion installing software and irreplaceably damaging property by the reformatting drive with cloud based chrome without notices undermines civil and consumer rights. Let us consider the legalities of a repair person accessing, deleting and replacing digital property for which they are not permitted it appears to be overreaching. To prevent security risk this company needs to consider consumer rights - You cannot just blame the vice principal there are individual obligations when a device is provided to the engineer. By replacing & introducing systems & extensions without consent on private property which originally came in with windows - I assume it needed driver updates to cope with the weak manaaikalani wifi, a new system would appear to be unjustified that is like bringing in a secure Macbook and fusion returning a Chromebook I do not think that is allowed. In cases where individuals' damage data from a private property and compromise a system the owner must have some insight or be compensated.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Tamaki College - Freedom of Christianity

Tamaki college must work upon religious freedom or what is in Tongan culture called Faka'Apa'Apa '. Their career adviser or tutor said to me that I don't really believe in Christianity - to imply that I do not have faith is offensive. Teachers kept on scrutinizing my way of life and morals to deflect from matters of the public & illegal teacher conduct I have the right to ethics to control my environment if illegal behavior occurs. Their career adviser went on insulting my religion implying I do not really believe in those people hammering out the Bible in the stones and Maui which is not even part of the bible. In fact personal cultures and religion shouldn't be in the the school syllabus - it should not be promoting a culture of racism endorsed by the NZQA - They may deny it but many dogmatic beliefs in the education resources from cultural scholars are just a guise for cultural-racism. All state funded teachers must be welcoming to different religion and culture not just stereotyped interpretations of culture. They abuse the use of career advisers, they likewise sent their medical adviser it is a waste of government funds they teach me nothing and provide me nothing, and they do not respect the cultural response I'd given - Such people must accept no - they figure I am to conform to a social construct which would otherwise compromise my religion - if ethics are seen as maladaptive then it is unjustified to impose those dogmatic secular convictions. In any case, if they are to impose career advisers, and counselors they must do their duty not seek motivations which have consequence hence should be prohibited - they cannot waste my time and tell me they don't get paid enough - With their specialist hiding behind confidentiality I went through the list of names and discovered it was the same individual causing havoc- these motivations are unjustified manipulation of the system - such intrusive dealings cannot be tolerated under the human rights act.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Massey University Albany Review

First of all please inform the Massey University staff, teachers, & customer service help desk how to read a map they had guided to me incorrect places. And first impressions on this campus are of utmost importance.Now I shall review the first two papers and the entropy it had in line with the latter. There are exceptions to the law for reasons when people are unfit to complete Degree as a result of reasons beyond what is feasible. My examinations due to the protocol were undermined from the Start date to the End date in Massey Albany.One must consider capacity in line with abilities. And I feel it is an excessive charge for assignment criteria which had no possibility to be completed beyond any reasonable doubt. I later found that I hadn't passed as of reasons outside our human ability to control, for example, ailments. I am greatly offended by the secretary and consultants I strongly believe Accidents, Illness and Negligent action should not be attributable to the victims. My Student Allowance and Student Loan were greatly affected - Due to discrimination there was not the will to assess whether I had passed four papers I had been working on in total in accordance with protocols & equitable measures for health reason. Now I confess I had not given the supporting proof as mentioned, we can completely blame the ministry of justice for this action whose withholding of information is preventative of due process - As a result of Massey Universities handlings Student Allowance was declined and overpayment and tax was charged. The true reason for all the negative outcomes was on the grounds that I was debilitated as a result of a group of specialist so the likelihood of he said she said statements from Massey is extremely low. Due to very discriminatory decisions which lead to damage of Student Allowance I feel Massey University has some responsibilities to the recuperation to ensure all of it's crown obligations. Student Allowance resettlements should be provided by the Massey University due to the inflexible misleading procedures in place. As a student, I had been misdirected and told about a derived grade capability due to sickness. Thus my knowledge toward study link was undermined when inquired as to whether I passed the greater part of my tertiary course was still being processed I undoubtedly had to say yes due to the work completed to be derived. As regards to the outcomes it is simply not possible to know what measures are in place to deal with sickness, but it appears that there is no such measure for health and disabilities in Massey university - I had been completely transparent when I prompted that I did not yet know the outcomes of my unfortunate incidences of malpractice, thus there are legal obligations supposed to be in place- Also noted reasons with regard to Massey University are because of research issues the work was not possible to be completed around the same period Massey unveiled a new system which prevented logins. Most importantly, as the scriptures say we shall forgive not draw conclusions- Now how Massey makes relationship might be an issue I just see sickness but Massey arbitrarily have just created a unrelated correlation - – to make attribution to that which is of another nature is not valid - Indeed when the school misdirected me to write a thesis on Media violence it was one of the conclusions that there was no correlation.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Tamaki College - Undemocratic law

There is a need to protect privileged information getting into the wrong hands, but this school doesn't respect any of these stances.
Actually they wish to scrutinize everything without democratic interests, hence character bias.
The problem with character bias in such cases, it is built upon privileged disclosure which are not matters pertaining to the individuals involved or the context for which they are raised, so we must have sight of the relevant issues of the public.
The implications correlated with public law whether or not civil laws and personal & potential damages are of great concern - still these matters weigh heavily on the public whose tax funds pay the incomes of these teachers.

Tamaki College - Truism

The defamation & ideas put forward in the past by principal and vice principal injure other entities who take actions upon their cheated & false academic progress as if it were a truism.

The law does not only apply to students because there are many instances where teachers intentionally do not perform up to the standard.

We cannot allow any imposed professional operating outside the legal framework to draw assumptions using their position to fulfill their own predispositions.

If I ignore unrelated technical and resource issues still there is the ongoing implication from the college – as for the errors by other entities they are more or less interfering with a due process.