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Racism Song


Everything worthwhile in life is an Art - Art is not for its beauty but the reaction it brings. It is much like the way one does not work for Success but the Wealth that comes. There is nothing but simplicity bringing everything together. A Respectable person will attract respect that is the crux of man-The solutions to worldly problem is you just do it like answering a call.Comparatively when you have serious people then arises set backs....

The skills forged on Sand

A man cannot be wise if not for a wise teacher - success is an imitation. Like a gold ring that cannot fit - Attachment to the wrong is like a man who have already failed - To do what is right one must forget the liberal art , forget poor handwriting & literacy, and allow the fruits to flourish- Attatchment is like a house built upon Sand. The ways of Christ do not teach against reason, this is the most important thing to grow in faith.


There is plenty in the life - There are those who deny such fullness, this is not showing true faith - Salvation requires that man not fear death which generates fear of living. It is important to learn the divinity of good and the bad because to avoid the ills of life to fear sickness is a protection from death.The bible doesn't teach, to serve others in the manner of institutions and expect return, but to act socially to benefit people. postponing rewards in the hope that the sacrifice may bring joy. Nd in the hope that they who are helped may also learn the values of kindness, of saving or having few cherished possessions. We must understand the truth in the bible as opposed to the preferences and ownership of material goods and views acquired from the economy, society,heritage, and culture. It is most important not to fear the death, but to have a courage to continue to live in faith. It is taught in Christianity that heaven saves, so those who fear Christ are to enter heaven. Subsequently knowing of the wrong is important if we are to enter heaven. Christ teaches us not only the right way to live, but the way to prevent such secular things from transferring. Of all the lord's instructions it is a test of faith. To have a few things to live in poverty, and to fear and or reject the secular brings about a joy of the heart.


A man & his philosophy is not to be a church - One should neither sing, pray nor acknowledge errors and differences in faith. Is it faithful to continue being ignorant or is it faithful to reject.

 An Individualist may have a sense of religious duty that in itself is not a certainty nor can it be worthy for salvation. Liberal faith conforming to science is by no means true. A man who cannot succeed at what is right decides he must conform the doctrine - Now this cannot be true. Faith cannot be achieved by only external factors. Faith is the most important thing every denomination has faith but not everyone has salvation. It is not right to abandon the orthodox beliefs. It is not worth trying to find some spirituality in what is wrong because it will just waste time. Those who corrupt and adjust faith would be considered heretics. To know what to avoid in life shall save the soul.

Dreams cannot exist permanently. When you achieve a dream, then there is no possibility of achievement - so dreams are for those who achieve nothing. Silence is for the uncivilized - those who do not speak cannot do anything. Life is a luck not a legacy - there is no legacy to be lived. Things do not happen immediately but that does not mean they are not happening .

Christian Attitude & Attachment - To believe someones rationale is superior is like a child. I look around and I see the barrier to peace is Antisocial & Immoral society. To be a rationalist one must first learn how to identify the barriers. One must learn to be impartial to peoples mistakes. And thirdly learn how to obsolete things that are irrelevant and not priorities....