POSTERITY - Till we meet again.



FREEDOM IS NOT ATTAINED BY SOCIAL POLITICAL ACTION!... It is clear that people are dying or doing criminal things according to their own will - So to break away from these limitations I think that this is the liberty. Nature is meeting the wrong demands of the society. And Society is degenerating, this is because the independent skills that were available in the 20's are obsolete by our technology. One cannot commence life robotically for there is no happiness and no balance in a machine -- it has never lived and it operates through computation that is irrelevant to an individual person. The ideas of Solidarity have never worked in reality and such subjective belief systems will prevent grace -- For to live in prayer is not to live for fundamentalist politics. Even the christian humanist and scientist are fundamentally flawed and denying the essence of mankind.


Man is developed from a imperfect world that is not permanent nor something that is natural like the animals in fact the bible attribute this to original sin- so he is instead made from the social interactions and it is they who make him and he who must show appreciation. We must be proud emphatically of all past achievement and examination. To communicate things appropriately requires a sense of achievement and appreciation of those who contribute to our sense of well-being. With this modern age I am taught that sickness is something to humble oneself to - So I understand that from the parable about Adam and Eve that one is to strive to do all that is positive, and by his own effort to attain faith hence salvation that one is redeemed.

Christianity is a fullness of all knowledge and freedom from the restriction of the Nature. All wrong is described like a nature that directs ones compass for all wrong and man correspondingly must seek out others in order to be good. Freedom is something that comes to you which reason nor awareness alone can provide thus it is not purely by will but also by grace that freedom is found.

At a time when I was in my early years of college my goal was exactly the same as right now this is because we have to use what we believed in the past to benefit our present it is that character which lift us up.It is this foundation which the universities call a cohort that is magnetic. Life is continuously revealing information, and this ends up being useful to meet our ends. People think these things are unconscious or repressed but I shall dispute this and say that rather there is no demand at that point in time - One may give everything they have and the time has yet to present itself - this emphasis the importance of sacrifices.

Only some people understand traditional music and this is just like life, so we can safely assume it is all luck. I guess memory as a concept is worthless because we forget many things, and thus it is worthless like the grass it is mowed, and it is not possible to miss what was there once they are forgotten. And what remains is exactly the same with or without memory it is destined. What i think we have is just an ability to remember life lessons, and it is used to meet demands of life, but memory is also selective like songs we cannot listen to music without first understanding what we want to listen to.


Our hate gives love. Hate is a love - Hate is not the interpretation or portrayal of violence in the media if actually staring at something which causes frustration that is itself  something you hate, and love is the benevolent reaction - Now there cannot be just  confirmation for everything and kindness towards everything without the worth. Rather than turn love inward to make one or self love as some call it one should focus outward like a smile. Love is built upon the attitude or determination or self-will to help and sympathize with other. Now I do not think there is any such thing as class because if one looks at all impressions of class well there is nothing to it but constructs.Where is the taboo, Where is the taboo in class I see nothing ordained by a higher power. In fact life is too short for enlightenment if such a thing existed and  the demands of breathing were obsolete thus one can conclude that there can be no ego to free.

What I am realizing is that Money gives us the means to exercise our distinctive traditions in what appears to be a totally confused world. When one looks toward culture it has no end - Where the issue arises is that not all people are theatrical nor can they understand humor when taken to be literal all things become in-congruent. If we receive good news it cannot be the end but just a Bridge to something old. To summarize what people seek in life relates to prosperity this is used as a means to distinguish ones own traditions from the mainstream...

I am seeing with many immigrants they are already christian and they rise in certain cultures. Everything we do encounters consequence - thus I believe that the security comes first before we become wealthy its not a desire one cannot desire what they are capable of doing- People want to believe in these kind of concepts such as work that is part of the work ethic which comes first - its all very much accumulated at birth the knowledge is from many sources and when brought together is like a painting. Granted even the restrictions are not restrictions they just need to be understood like money it is just paper until someone recognizes that value and gives you something in exchange. So someone might seem to be an incompleteness but actually there is a fullness that flourishes. We are all born with a unique knowledge to yield and give discretion's toward opportunities that are sometimes not yet realized. Even in schools or in society or in the family many attribute characteristics to individuals and for some we are reliable, smart, austere, wise this is the sort of ethic people seek out. It is not a poverty but within this modest life where we have everything reasonable to succeed a man is shaped - A good-life is not a king but just an ordinary fellow as people have and will continue to do past,present and future.

False Interpretation of the sermon on the mount ignores the duality of Christ

Why do we believe the rationalist and existentialist and fundamentalist. In this life we are constantly met with arbitrary situations whether born out of human error or technical issues and people then use these false interpretation of the sermon to support their rationality and thus refute what is appropriate to the world we live in as a whole. I suppose everyone would like the world to be decided upon by reason and it is in fact a complete waste of time to ever consider because reason is in fact a dogma whether or not people wish to accept that. I must say that the Sermon on the Mount is in fact not a justification to be without ethics, but instead should teach us not to judge - The bad things in the world are actually bad for a reason, so one should be obedient to the laws of the lord for ones own benefit. Reason and Grace are not the same because reason is born out of nothing - If I ask where does that reason start there is nothing.

I shall now discuss the principle of interpretation - The one who is attractive and appealing to the eyes they have a life decided upon by what people think and thus their interpretation is dishonest because it is not full. People should provide me help but never bigotry I have enough of concepts people try to separate from each other - The truth is it all intertwine like the seasons and educated people must be beyond this because both perceptions present limitations. Christ will lift us up - it just like the sun it aligns itself to where it is suppose to be - Faith is the sound that comes to your ears, Faith is an ambition unto itself.

The most important thing with regard to being a christian is being ordinary, Natural instinct each to his own is a self fulfilling mechanism that we recognize from birth, but look at yourself, and ask what do you want to access if it is knowledge then there is nothing to get that we cannot already know. The idea of a student is likened to a very angry man seeking what is already in his hand. At long last the idea of doing things right is an ignorant conception transferred from different people who similarly do not hold the same truths. Last but not least worrying is rather pointless once one realizes just how simple it is to get through the door and thus they forget what is creating the demand.

The ways of life are not funny...

To truly understand culture is to not care for individual culture, if what one professes is in harmony with the life then the journey is over, but never truly over likened to a theme park whereby all the rides are exhausted. The idea of life being a journey is somewhat false for where it leads is not capable of being understood and what we believe is concealed behind a wall of interpretation. Nevertheless everything people do even Interpretations of the serious are also contrived. Mind and memory is false - Human mind if discombobulated is no longer alive, so the totality of the body and perceptions makes more sense than mind. Philosophies and and natural phenomenons we have come to associate with science are the same. Overall there is in fact no way to separate a dogma from a fact they are all words relative to a certain ideal. The idea that we can look at something and identify characteristic is in itself a dogma and not characteristic of what we are looking at but what we have seen before. There exist an infinite amount of ideas but truth is in fact relative. To hold science above any concept known to humanity is to meet the necessity of the people whether it is the universities which are largely liberal owing to their reliance on these supposed facts or the demands of life which rely upon many factors. Majority of people are not seeking what is essential for survival thus the ability to adapt to change is very important for to rely on others it makes what is sufficient into a deficiency and vice versa. I have witnessed a lot of cheating but in particular it is not actually a scandal as one originally might of assumed because the act of cheating presents different barriers.As I ponder the studies that I participate in I begin to see that questions do not exist because there is in fact no questions just direct answers. The answers are directly given to us directly from whoever produces the assessment. Let us be aware that one does not understand culture based on experience, if that were the case then no transformation would have to take place in the form of education, but this learning consequently leads to intellectuals which are too idealistic and may not reflect the society that exists in the present. Civilization whether likened to christ or the secular foundations which have formed afterwards hold the solutions that the modern world lives by. It is impossible to understand anything outside intellect, and each demand that we seek to overcome can be interpreted in many ways.

Like a gold ring that cannot fit - Attachment to the wrong is like a man who have already failed. Attachment is like a house built upon Sand. The ways of Christ do not teach against reason, this is the most important thing to grow in faith. My music tutor was always right I don't know what Doctors will be doing with fine arts they are not going to be drawing livers, and the idea of my Medical education requisite weighing on a 15 credit art external was absurd to begin with as there is something wrong with the system - A 10 Credit mistake has still resulted in a dispositioned Achievement. However one should really see achievement as achievement and look towards bridging inequalities. Nonetheless I believe the moral of the story is that when you tell someone something i.e if an assignment has passed and you will be taking a break, and they are dishonest and do not listen many times over then what happens next is uncertain. Should people refuse to accept warnings then this is a fact of life that cannot be changed. Now I have lost all interest in the Fine Arts or Science so maybe it is a twist of fate. However the reality of having to compensate for teachers mistakes has taught me a lot. Art cannot be taught creatively instead Art is a skill of imitating simply what you see forget conventions for it should fulfill a criteria - so it makes more sense to grid-line portraits as you see it with the eyes as opposed to trying to create an unrestrained scribble which is that state of modern art even with the fancy terminology. To imitate modern art takes many more hours to imitate has no physical meaning to the drawer and still looks like scribble. So when you make art it should not please individuals with acquired taste because beauty is very subjective i.e children learn to understand emotions and voices and faces at a young age but as for creative arts it is not understood by the general public because the ability to understand art is taught. For this reason there is no creativity only copying and combination of ideas which implies everything in life is creative therefore nothing is creative. Visual arts should be kept modest as with anything. One of the most important things I have come to learn is just because someone doesn't like your art doesn't mean it is bad in fact it a compliment. To conclude I do not believe there is any difference between writing, music, and art therefore there cannot be much priority to a single Art form. The end.

Expounding the totality of a benevolent disposition

Now the question I seek to resolve would be if a disposition would be required in order to bring about the expressions of freedom - thus exploring what it means to be totally and cohesively authentic...

The answer to life is not through choosing sides but through government programs to promote liberty. It is possible to make everything worthwhile with just the attitude that is determinant of the people around you. The correct attitude sets a precedent for the people to treat us. One is competing for their views of what is good and bad - one cannot be so neutral in instances whereby peoples views harm others - so to live the "goodlife" one must act to create good in the world that correspond with our own introspective dispositions.

I have found that some are raised with a learned ability to choose what is right. Faith is taught at a relatively early point in life. At such a tender age one comes to know the exact meaning of their life, and the purpose presented to us by others. Thus I believe that ones education can be far superior but disadvantaged by difficult circumstances in the modern world we live in whereby one is expected to conform to cultural norms that christians do not believe in. Certain philosophies I found to have no cohesion in the real world ideas such as silence, and things such as conforming to the wishes of other. The reality that one must wait without reacting for long period of time in directly causes implication. For instance I found some doctors from a certain practice wanted to go overseas such lack of action is detrimental and how one responds to such negligence will influence the future - in a sense present and future is the same. The government is needed to support ones own agenda thus they are never to blame instead the struggle to find freedom comes down to individuals. Indeed one can blame governments for having caused economic distress, but then one would have to ignore the system who provides the welfare - so what one must look to are the individuals at fault. Another example one might blame the government for not creating justice for healthcare, but between the patient and the government is the doctors who are advised to monitor and when something does not go correctly you must discontinue that is how it works - thus one can see the government has made efforts to shape and advise the correct choices. So this idea of faith is also born out of the world we are raised in, and therefore by preserving all these values of justice one is protected from negative aspects of the life.

Love the Enemy

We are expected to walk with the lord with compassion and through this one destroys the evil works. The children are taught by their parents who lead as example but when growing up one learns to have compassion and understanding from many sources toward the redeeming nature of Christ. Not only can we give actual gifts out of generosity, but in a way we are receiving gifts in spirit. Gifts exist in lifes lessons, Gifts exist in what we see with the eyes, Gifts exist in what we hear with the ears, and in what we feel for others. It is a consequence of lifes trials and tribulations that one can understand the gospel.

They who do not achieve anything, but are rather in a perpetual process of great things are living the good life. Never truly will one know for even the eyes one uses to see beauty offers only an interpretation of its fascade and that is a moment in a world of shifting conditions, so ones understanding is that tantamount to not knowing what one can ever want. My view is that everything one seeks with will with effort falls into this shifting interpretation - so man is not in search of an outcome - the mind all to aware of the emptiness of mind and change that awaits the onset of outcomes. It is a lack of faith to react out of Guilt as this proceeds revenge and jealousy - the faithful provide the warning and when such acts are disobeyed one can never be sure how to react. However in any given circumstance the faithful always try to love their enemy as best they can and give the benefit of the doubt.

To let go of someone for their own sake it is a sign of respect.Life must be unrestrained from complaints & insults.One shall recognize differences for knowledge of self like the hands and the legs, the animals and the plants. One shall judge a person's character by what is revealed in the heart.

The life remains idle when there is bitterness in thy heart - however when there is tolerance to the conditions then there is understanding for everyone. Despite all bad there is always a spark to light the flame, and the Lord guide us to the positive aspects of this world. We are to forgive and live for social causes that come - like the weather we may see the forecast, but until the sunshine, rain and winds arise one cannot know the truth. It is not correct to be far from the Lord - when one works for social causes it is not for what you or anyone gets out of it but because it is virtuous.