Better it is to pursue posterity through equity - the most important social relationship people have these days is known as money . Certainly nothing is permanent including money thus the objects of yearning they are also obsolete just like the money it will run out. Life is likened to eating dinner it is there to intrigue thus there is very little impetus to accomplish it when you find this out - Indeed when I have dinner I am thinking about jumping in the ocean or reading a book and vice versa. As I ponder fear I realize that life is a fear - Using a stick and a sword as allegory to represent the concept of fear, if one were to take away the sword then the stick will provide just as much fear. Now a great life is not a happy life - with every great journey you arrive, you eat poorly, you return weary and that is just the thing that happens during a great journey - when you reach the point where you cannot do anything else more than likely you get more objectives and after you're tired you'll be eager once more. Individuals boast that they have the answers it could be the Universities, it could be the Salesman and they are going to give nothing - they simply will take , so instead of one prevailing at something one just gives everything they have. At the end of the day what really matters is not education but recognized national accreditation which carries credits. An educated scholar and a wise-man are in fact very similar but one has a degree and the other has informal knowledge which will not demand the same level of respect. "People who are unfamiliar with Marx’s analysis may be perplexed by the idea that capital is a social relationship, that a factory is not merely a building populated with various machines but also a reflection of the relationship between those who own the factory and those who work in it" To demonstrate this continuity, I had this one short factory experience, which I ended and it has lead to just a continuation of these factory offers in the same direction over and over had my first job been in a different field maybe one wouldn't be dealing with this continuation. Now what is the solution you might ask? All bad things are born out of sheer desperation, but if one doesn't care to offer any intrigue or comfort towards others for which they hold little interest in then one proceeds normally without making much fuss over such things. My second language, its not very useful for education purposes because I have not made any effort to learn that language at all, however I feel that books cannot replicate the cultural aspect of communication because it is not appropriate for the reality. To speak french you must just read with an accent then voila you're french - something like Je suis ka-ba-ble - And I don't think you need much of a vocabulary for social skills in french. One just needs the following statements; Bonsoir, Allons-y, Viens, D', Je suis fatigue, C'est bon, Nous mangeons, Comment ├ža va, Bonsoir Bonsoir avec moi.  These concepts of languages are held in your hands - Every experience holds a word it is likened to holding a cup of tea that is the french language. I must say that the french have such a great language because when I use the french cognates the language doesn't change. Language is so similar, If you speak the language of German it is subjunctive - the speaking this creates something that is unknown in German, and if you going to write in the language of French or Dutch and sometimes English it is very clear and direct. Likewise there are actions of culture that are different with regard to communication. In this life there are languages and cultures, which are entrenched within the heart - desire and the wants both come from the same perspective.

Patristic Belief

patristic belief
Only through the traditional understanding of Christian laws can one follow the Covenant of Faith and all aspects of the Patristic belief, which stems from Evangelical Christian Church, and the Old Testament.

patristic truths

Patristic Truths

There is a universal belief, but few follow the traditional understanding of Christian and Jewish laws or respect for the Old Testament - so they oppose in all aspects the patristic truths or the belief in redemption, which is justified on the grounds of the Old Orthodox Christian Church and the Old Testament. I find delays hopeless, as restrictions are only imposed by the environment such as access to citizenship, social structures and the fulfillment of criteria, but many people tend to misinterpret this, leading to disabilities, and it has nothing to do with possibility. Suffering; we are called at a time of need - therefore it is important to entrust ourselves to the name of all things and actions and to be morally aware of them in order to grow in spirit. From the ancient kings to the present state. The law is a social institution offered by knowledge to all people. Who exist ideal, if you forget the relativity of relationships? Nothing. We trust in the knowledge. There's a validation when we're talking, and we're being validated. It's not really about the word, it's about relativism, so I think progress is everything, but without the perceiving there is no reality. Of course you can speak and read many theories, but it is impossible to argue without the universality that exists in modern times. Living with dignity and worthiness, these lives cannot be influenced by words. This is a great tragedy that exists with them in the same way as they know. We are respecters of the intellectually dishonest. It is time that one should not make assumptions - The result is that people are free to fail. Schools have an academic level that is not equivalent to experience, and derived qualifications that are equivalent, so in the procedure of proceeding one is going back. I must say that simplicity is prestigious nowadays and therefore basic education is also highly valued. Many students are competing for places to become something unknown so nothing is available to be achieved because the competition for nothing, so that's where the problem lies. It's like maintaining a notation while singing, you don't need to understand what you've learned in practice. Certainly everything starts out without much knowledge and eventually it becomes the case that you know what you can achieve, so it takes a long time before you have enough experience. One is their past and moreover one is their opportunities, so the minority is a novelty - when the objective is to prepare excellent work then the most advanced skill is used to proceed intelligently. People should speak the language where they comes from; Since many people speak English, it is best to continue in English as a first language.

As far as Latin writing is concerned, it is only a reading system and for this reason the pronunciation has nothing to do with the reading and writing system. I am not agile to defend theology, none for truth, I have lived many years and very little has reversed. The consciousness of man born in the Middle Ages was none, and love, and faith, and ethics are anything but the early days of the Eastern Church. Salvation is only found when life is over. Part of our creation, one is seeking a purpose, and the purpose is salvation. From that truths and experience are important in life providing some direction.

What is important is dual citizenship and that is legally Australian and New Zealand. With this exception, this places people on different levels when it comes to possibilities in different areas from education in laws, to religion, to basic literature, to secularism and so on. Secular laws and citizenship play a big role in achieving these rights after all basic human rights have been formed together by the people of France. This makes basic education possible One does not understands culture on the basis of birth only otherwise there should be no transformation in the form of education, but education leads to intellectuals who do not coexist with present world. Through this mindset of service for society - one becomes the society. The reality of social influences are really just reality whereby we see the past or the world through new lenses. Social interactions, this brings the resources. Reality does not have to be justified, because it is the balance of possibilities. Taking advantage of all the possibilities that cannot yet be abandoned. Everything is the same for everyone, like money and education, everything is used to change people. Once they die, nothing is left not even a nightmare. But with nightmares at-least you awake and so fortunately, this does not happen in reality. Life is no different with ambition. It is my blessing that the individual remains the same to realize the environment and people for which one can attain the knowledge that is the key to growth in truth in relation to beliefs.

Beliefs should be applied and people will understand it. Important it is to maintain harmony and discover identity through Christ, and for the worldly and ethical man he would call this civility. As to the circumstances some people are not compatible. As people have a tendency not to be authentic. Consequently falsifying truths - and I think living authentically means avoiding the consequences of ignorance. The bus leads me or the kind heart, these places are certainly there at right time - It is as if the future comes into effect. All paths are run - even knowledge is run, and running depends on the starting point not the end point. Beauty comes from the knowledge, it is an ability to recognize. People live in the shadow of history. Especially when we learn new languages, it is actually an old language, there is something different like the intonation and structure - When one gains a conviction that they can speak a language then it does not lead to fulfillment, but to a person who is therefore unreachable. There is a long term of education the everyone on earth experiences. The visible surface, that people describe it is not the making of their own creation. Instead it was, and now it is known and acted upon. Transformation from unknown to definite is an absolute no.

Electric Lamp

Law is legalistic and not necessarily from posterity, everything is mixed, but not combined, One is like the filament in the electric lamp - for all men are their discoveries, but their discoveries were already there, and only complement the light - the light still shines in modern times. And some skills like simple communication promote self-confidence. Loving is considered unimportant, not crucial to achieving the goal, and in the first world nation, poverty is all relative. But all will return to nothing one way or another, but the living can't tell where the road leads.

There is no value unless one has relations, because in reality all things take time and experience requires something to be done in daily life without this significance existence is rendered useless. Therefore, if one does not understand the experience that we judge of human beings, even if one is able to speak words pertaining to an event, this correlates to something else from past. For a stone that has formed, it cannot be reversed. Performance, if it was not a wish now, then it was the wish in the past, then this is the knowledge and this is the understanding etc. Life it is forged beforehand, so to seek happiness when you are happy is dumbfounded, there are important things to worry about. For a cup of tea and rest and continuation of the aims during the day. It is not a mourning for life - all is done under the condition of happiness. A believer is a man who lives by the spirit, and does not follow the superficial problems without purpose. The austere is sanctified by the woman, and it is the woman who makes life holy and true.


The austere hallows the woman. Together they believe in Jehovah, believe in the Son, and the holy-spirit.

The early church did not believe in Christmas trees, then came a time when people were desperate. And the tree brought them together in solidarity, so looking at the present there still exists virtue from the past. Needy people are indeed burdened by commitments like families and debts, but society needs these kind of people given proper preparation. The focus and intellect should be directed toward the lasting and justification which has been proven, and that brings a confidence and trust thereof. Every dualistic experience, society tells me, has distorted the circumstances. The reality is the demands and the sadness, the happiness etc. The functioning from birth leads them on the way to realistic goals. The goal is not common because everyone has decided what their goal is based on their own experience. All these problems do not exist by choice, but simply by the fact that he comes to this earth, one is forced to make such demands. Attachment is what you recognize in life, just an attachment, what is the attachment you look around and you surely find some friendly faces or beautiful places, famous perfumes or songs. Old memories remain untouched like the morning and the night. All people are equal but you cannot do everything alone. The gifts of Christ that have been revealed are not defined by the pillars of masculinity and femininity in the media or by the fear of sport. the world with its femininity and many delusions, then you have to learn very early to avoid misunderstandings and loss of values by focusing on the concept of sustainability.

The spiritual growth.

The questions do not exist because there are really no questions that do not give direct answers to us. Through the human being, he creates the assessment. The environment - one does not decide what comes together, and with only a focus on Altruism, then people do not appreciate any of the ability to be good in the broadest sense, not the definitions, because if it comes - in reality the validity of such words, i.e. Human rights is based on that population, so the mentality can and should fit with experience in society, there is no reason it shouldn't, otherwise more problems are created that lead to criminality, but if there is a lot of (knowledge) you can see the big picture, then things lose their meaning. Society does good in the same way negative things are perceived, then there will be cases where the demands of reality can be judged by words, but it is something that teaches experience to continue. Across the world - all the delights of happiness are full of misery, through which all may laugh. Some time ago I have a lot of interest in the literature, and referencing from the Point there are many interpretations that can be adopted. Answers inspired by the money and the simple, but I will try to explain the intellectual part. It would be access, so Discipline I considered careers right because of interest in character and availability of equal regulations, but potential is never important, so you have to do something else until the time comes, and third influence would of course be experience, this applies to writing, self-study, and application of that ability in the world. Money is so important in this life, because it makes you look for a passion or insight, so you see people as human beings and love through this common concept there, as opposed to the relationship that is a commitment when a duty. So there are really no objects of observation, but many unusual concepts and sentences, all of which can be studied and learned and repeated verbally, and one can do what I do and communicate in another language, if I want to use the word mind, then I have to testify what has preceded me. When one communicates, it offers some kind of meaning and not concepts - when I hear "The holy hills of heaven are calling me", such a thing is hypothetical, and this extends to logic, ethics, politics and whatever else. Months are spent on social linguistics and the assimilation of my current languages. I have a certainty and a belief that preserves passion.


Moreover there are more pressing issues to relativity it is bad enough that you can understand people but then you must try to understand why your christian religion is not accepted by other evangelical christian churches, and why preservation of culture is not leading to relative goals, and all these factors that are constructed in some kind of deluded world I don't feel they are necessary- People claim to be rationale and yet they pass on these ideas, if people had a rationale these ideas wouldn't exist.



Give the work and make things greater, it is the honesty that I plant to live. Life it is for the living and for the good , It is for the present day thoughts and people should situate their understanding in the knowledge of things, this all brings benefits whether in the deductively irrefutable or in the matters of society. To drink the water, it hydrates, and I use a filter for the water because the water is not good enough for my liking, so this should demonstrate that all things have purpose for everyone. Despite these things there is only one that is able to plant the things. One should be upright, honest for the money you receive, it is genuine and still not possible to buy the treasures of life for it is the pain that creates life. People they treasure greatly the things that they take, and it is the things that you receive which are important, it is not worthy to treasure the taking. Remember this essay right, here it is not possible for us to be talented if you are created with limitations. Why are there so many churches and beliefs, this is because a church is a congregation of adherents, and in order to spread the gospel there is limitations and different interpretations of tradition. One needs to check out completely their ability in society and then change goals over to something different which is possible without the disharmony. People enjoy desire of the love, but it is not correct to work-hard for these materialistic excessive lifestyles which are nothing, but imagination. However, if they don't have money and they don't have many possessions, they are not going to provide anything only receiving from the people, which isn't balance. Honesty is born from the beginning and the reality - it is like the artists one show that needs to be performed perfectly with their knowledge, and a journalist likewise their writing must be fluent like the British, and for a musician it is right that they remember in the heart the skills to please the audience, and it is not possible to become worse and displease the audience. In the disciplines is the law, and in these disciplines one will learn to understand the norms that have existed for many years; of the unknown, he need not try to make epistemology and philosophy, because the only thing that man can understand is that things are not as they seem. Synergy is mentioned by chance on Wikipedia as I study orthodox, and it is said, "" for reason, man must work with God in a synergy that involves his own being, including his being, effort and action are perfectly adapted, and united with the divine "," which emphasizes the idea of Salvation. And with such a belief the traditions of Judaism were preserved. Smart is working for people that you care about. There are much unsatisfactory ideas that instructs us. People have a responsibility to their society - So one must return, and if you are not bound to the social-culture, then you return and give a lot to others and you work that is what is right.

, standardize philosophical reflection,insidious behavior,oriented behavior,family oriented behavior,excuses transgression,good excuses transgression,oriented culture occurring,,,

Some are not caring for the people, but it is right that they want to be friends and work for the history, and for the posterity. Teach others that they correct greatly for improvement toward the people in the location - there is nothing that begins from discussion only. Hope is a work made for love because loving choices are impossible to lead to unethical. As per the bible everyone is equal each individual, regardless of who they are. Everyone should follow the traditional understanding of Christian laws and have faith through submission. Whether he is now using what they call, the humanistic process, deductive reasoning, inferential reasoning, subjective or objective this is all based on usefulness. If one repeats results and this is useful even without the classifications. People change in the situation whether or not it is ideal. You see the change when you get older the hair is receding and one begins to have weaker bones and this has very little to do with the mind. No man can be wise if there is not success through wise teaching. One learns civility to conquer nature, and therefore in the sense of tyranny, it is like a cyclone and natural ability that resides within. What remains in the life in the being is used to translate knowledge. The ways of christ use reason, and this is the most important thing to grow in faith. Lift the things to experience information of the roots -- that is how one will gain information. All things are cultural even words are attached to cultural events, so in the event that you ace a language then you can find easier to ace similar language. Going from English to Dutch to German is much easier because there is cultural similarities. Whereas if you speak a different language the result might be a comparative style or maybe a creole. Therefore all things stem from something and one should not pause in the coming of greater things. It ought not to be right to live with only fifty percent in the certainty, in the culture, it ought to be one hundred percent. Despite this not all the people who are skilled can work because the limitation within the environment, but when people want to change and they have trust or certainty in a specific culture then change is possible because it was destined from the start. The cash is given to the schools - And still you pause, you remain, and why is there not anything one cannot know why but everything happens for a reason. What's more, along these lines the receiving component it depends on the area. As far as I can tell people want to preserve their tradition and understanding of the world from all outside impacts and threats. So in respect of the condition that their life stays conventional based on all that is gotten beforehand their life does not progress. For better or worse the Life It is like a trust and you go towards the people who you trust. Some people they are unable to be able but some are unwilling to be able- so they can't make-use of their skills for work, its not possible to use that, and working they have to work differently. Democracy might defend the rights but there is no right without conviction one cannot do anything for salvation instead salvation it is just by faith alone. An individual they might give everything, but it is only the most convicted of individuals who are going into higher positions - One must have a conviction from the start to finish. What's more, it is the most significant things that matter. People they have seen evidence of terrible things, and regardless of whether anybody accepts or not it is always the Lieutenant who makes these decisions. Therefore one should not go toward the terrible things but to the things which are beautiful like water, the music and the wine it has a significance unlike some things in this world. Furthermore hopefully beauty opens that door to the things that matter. A few are like evil -One needs to look for council to find the relative answer - It is like a friend who is planting the actions which are perfect. So what this demonstrates is even the optimistic cannot defeat the devoted ones. Through this devotion one can conquer the mamoth - Therefore, Happy I am to the things here that I have information toward. Move forward, Trust I in the beauty. You will pause in the taking that is the perfect-action. To find what you will become you need to frame the creation of things and in this way one will be able to repeat the same motif from the beginning to the end, hence it is sufficient. One clear approach people take to life is they exploit in order to get more, and if they understood that there was no more to gain except misconceptions then one can curb these distractions and mislead belief systems that lead to things which are not in the real world. When real things begin then it should be encouraged, learning to censor and filter it is not practical to make one smart for things take time, when he searches to raise things to be great then all is lacking, ones work must be entrenched. What's more when one speaks, when one seeks to make things relative it cultivates the right skills, and what is created in between is sufficient because one party uplifts the other entity so there is a balance. Cash leads one to the trust which is right. Understanding the definition of meaning it stems from where you are born and it is giving the creation of things and moreover the tutoring towards these considerations. As such money is the means for which a few skilled people can do greater works - Some people without money might have the skill to tell stories for example to a large audience and yet they will not get far, this is given to the limitations. Despite comparative information not all people have the same condition or trust in culture to bring about anything where they live, but even before one considers abilities it is key to consider what the ability is used to achieve, if you have the sunlight and you don't have any water nothing is going to grow. Change is pointless - Qualification is just obtained from a renowned institution that is what society gives. So life is short so there must be a balance between knowledge and opportunity, a balance between chance and rights to begin. Identically with the past in order to embark on a new path, there is no dualism there, because things do not have anything to do with the way people attribute. However this is not how the socially engaged world works, so people must construct the dualism. I put a perfect-trust to the schools assume I am incapable to go through what is the choice I will follow. It is a bit of a comedic conservative view that to run for presidency you must be a decent man with good intentions who is astute and articulate but obviously times are changing one must make the right choice. What's more, it is significant that one does not forestall people in their harmony and therefore the people decide what they want. As an individual one exists at the start, and they have begun - begun they who will not know anything about class hierarchies, or the entirety that will become their life. Yet more important it is to look for the people that know happiness in the heart as oppose to all these opinions. What's more, they who are capable to get cash from the work are capable to to get cash comparable to where they come from. A lot of people can migrate, but that is not the full picture. A lot of people can be taught dogmatically, but that is not the full picture. The economy might be better, but still one will be relative to whatever exists in the new location. As such it is right that the work is the same, thus the education is more significant not the degrees, diplomas, and certificates, but the concept of education. Significant is the cash for everything, money halts differences, for instance, because nothing is free in life so if you pay and work toward significant things it is bound to lead to better things. Although a great many are working towards the things that are not significant and paying greatly for that, so it depends upon choice. Do so that you get the information. There are some over savvy individuals who are ambitious for the future, and their actions stem from a love that comes from within, he who is happy receiveth that information. Continue giving to things which fund the voyaging, like everything that you know including the joy received from there.

In the Heart, Which You Colored

 In the heart, which you colored;
Blue as seas, and skies above;
And the heart it softly shuddered—
Among leaves made of Love.

For the heart subject to sin,
For Red Blood which flowed within,
White the Light that shine Heaven,
Black the Night and Stars above.
In the heart, which you colored;
Blue as seas, and skies above;
And the heart it softly shuddered—
Among leaves made of Love.

It was Love that set me free,
When the will was unyielding,
And life was dead to me,

In the heart, which you colored;
Blue as seas, and skies above;
And the heart it softly shuddered—
Among leaves made of Love.

When betrayal was very tiring
In dim light which we went;
To the Roads that lead Home,
Lay the flowers  which you sent,
As the Love which came to Rome.

In the heart, which you colored;
Blue as seas, and skies above;
And the heart it softly shuddered—
Among leaves made of Love.

New Zealand Teachers Cheating for Students

New Zealand has a broad and settled education system. Its policies are both flexible and versatile. There are three tiers to the New Zealand Education system:
1.    The Early Childhood Education: For children below 5 years old.
2.    Primary & Secondary Education: For the age group, 5 to 19 years.
3.    Tertiary Education: No age limit. Requires Secondary Education.
Education is a compulsion on New Zealanders between ages 6 and 16. Moreover, it is free for children of that age group.
But all is not as rosy as it seems. New Zealand Teachers Cheating for Students has become a norm. There are cases everywhere, both caught and uncaught. It is a reason the New Zealand education system is not comparable with the best. Such acts tarnish the value of the NCEA for everyone.

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) is the main handler of the New Zealand education system. Their secondary school certification is the NCEA: National Certificate of Educational Achievement. For all the modernization in the educational field, the loopholes are all to see.
Cheating is the act of getting ahead through dishonest means. The label is not only for the unfair copying of information. One may take advantage of a situation, but cheating is never acceptable. Those who are capable are the ones who deserve to be at the top. There must be justice for those who lose out to cheats.
Cheating itself is a skillful art. A lot of cheaters get away with their wrongdoings because of their skill at it. This still does not justify cheating to get ahead. Under no circumstances is Cheating lawful!
But Cheating becomes a scandal only when the authorities allow it. It is bad enough that cheaters get away with their acts. But when someone in charge sees it and allows it, there can be nothing worse! It is unfortunate that the New Zealand educational institute teachers are guilty of this charge.
A lot of teachers allow cheats to get away with it. There are some that enable students to cheat. It is a scandal that requires immediate attention and action. Certain New Zealand Teachers Cheat for Students for personal gain. The motive can be money or a higher status.
There are other cases of educational institutes that show they are corrupt to the core. The institution heads manipulate the end-of-year results for personal purposes. They either get money for the act, or improve the outlook of their institute with better averages.
Perhaps the flaw is in the merits of high achievement. There are institutes that reward high achievers with money. It gives the students a motive to cheat. Instead of an educational prize or recognition, students cheat for money. They are willing to give money to teachers because it will eventually come back. This is still no justification for teachers to take money and favor certain students.
The New Zealand education system needs reformation. The authorities like the NZQA have to fill the loopholes in the system. It is the only way students learn to work hard, and not exploit situations. The students must have a motive to value learning more than being at the top. Once the students start learning and working hard, it will begin to show in the merit of institutes.

New Zealand Qualification Authority Racism

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQAensure the value of New Zealand qualifications. Their job is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications remain credible and up-to-standard. The Crown entity, part of the Education Act, resides over Educational Institutes. Their qualification standards have National and International recognition. Due to its position, NZQA must maintain neutral ground for all individuals.
But there are cases that suggest Racism in the New Zealand Qualification Authority. Racism is a broad term, which means favoring one faction over another. The NZQA has a binding to the New Zealand government. A racism violation within such an organization is a crime against the nation itself!
Racism does not confine to favor black or white people. The term refers to putting any group over others. It may be favoring New Zealanders over overseas people. It can even be favoritism in a single group of people. It is unfortunate that racism is a part of the world. But it only settles in if we allow it to.
The NZQA is part of governmental institutions. The government is to serve the people of its nation. As such, the government of New Zealand cannot favor group(s) of New Zealanders. It must develop a platform for all to rise without prejudice. In case the NZQA takes sides, there will develop a partition between institutes under its authority. Certain institutes will progress while others lag behind.
The NZQA resides over the quality of educational institute degrees as well. There job is to ensure the educational institutes are up to International standards. The below-par educational institutes are to follow their guidelines in order to improve.
But the NZQA is guilty of racism. The Tomorrows Schools Task Force strengthens this standpoint. Their reports suggest the NZQA favor certain institutions and people over others. Education is a compulsion on New Zealanders between the ages of 6 and 16. It is also free for schools under State rule. These State schools come under the New Zealand Qualification Authority.
The New Zealand Qualification Authority Racist behavior is for personal gain, according to Tomorrows Schools Task Force. Schools approach the NZQA with personal agenda in mind, instead of improvement in the quality of education. The NZQA fails to intervene in such cases, resulting in institutes getting away with their personal gains. This has a direct implication on academic value. The entitlement does not match what students achieve in their academic careers.
Frank Moran, a NZQA administrator, denies the accusations. His statement is that the NZQA never receives any evidence. The accusation has no base if there is no evidence to it.
But the evidence is a case of interpretation. The events in question point to some truth in the accusation. The proof is in cases of teachers favoring students for money. There are other incidents of schools manipulating results to gain a better reputation. In such cases, the NZQA does not take action against students or educational institutions.
The matter is up for discussion. It divides opinion among the masses about the standards of the New Zealand Qualification Authority. The organization must exercise fairness and equality towards all institutes it resides over. Racism has no place in the NZQA, or in society!